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Saturday, February 28, 2015


An ally reminded me that Waco began on this date, twenty-two years ago.

To date, not one of those murderous bastards responsible for the deaths of the Davidians has been held to account.  In fact, many have climbed to very high places in our government.

To borrow a bit of counsel from our Jewish friends - Never Forget.

The Evil that is coming has been on the march for decades - indeed, centuries.  When Go Time is upon us, there are many Evils that must be set right.

Think about the Davidians today, and over the next 7 weeks.

When you go to the Green, remember them.



  1. It would be a good history lesson to learn the where are they now...I just learned a little history lesson about my AO that warms my heart... I'm surrounded by a Defiance to Tyranny..

  2. Last confirmed sighting I'm aware of for Lon Horiuchi (FBI/HRT sniper who shot Vicki Weaver, and later also sniped at Waco) was several years ago in the Philippines, when he's not hanging out with the owners of H&R Precision, giving testimonials for their rifle stocks and accessories. If he's still living on the Island of Cebu, then he's toast on the day, because there are several liberty-minded expats with eyes on...

  3. What the III need to do is compile a list of "untrusted people" with all know details, so we can "avoid" them when SHTF.


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