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Friday, February 27, 2015

National III Organizational Template Suggestion

I use counties as AOs.  Personally, I think every county should have its own III organizational structure, with alliances to surrounding counties.  Yes, there are variables.  For instance, my AO does not end at the county line, because threats will not respect mere lines on a map.  From a pragmatic perspective, I have concentric circles on a map that delineate various areas of my responsibility.  For instance - I have a circle drawn on a map around my house at 400 miles in all directions - a respectable reflection of how far the average (newer/fuel efficient) car can travel on a full tank of fuel.  I have another concentric circle at about 1/2 that distance - a marker that roughly denotes Bingo Fuel from my home.  At this line I need to turn around and head home, or I will run out of gas (unless I have some means to re-fuel.)  My personal maps have many more lines, circles and sticky notes - but those are not really for public consumption.

Using county lines for demarcation is not a clean and precise system - but it is practical and functional for organizational purposes.  Obviously there are many areas where an AO will encompass more than one county, or bits of several counties.  This applies especially in and near major metropolitan areas.  But these realities do not complicate the overall organizational system - it simply means Patriots in counties that make up functional AOs either decide (amongst themselves) to create a single operational entity, or those entities must work closely together.

For instance: Spokane Washington is at the eastern edge of northern Washington State.  Immediately on the other side of the state line is Kootenai County, Idaho.  Many people living in Kootenai have a direct and personal interest in what happens in Spokane when SHTF.  They also have their own modestly-sized city with which to contend - Coeur d'Alene.  My suggestion is that every III Patriot work to stand-up an organizational infrastructure in his county of residence and consider that piece of land to be his personal AO.  Then, if you happen to live in an AO that has direct concerns on your borders, such as Kootenai and Spokane, liaise with the III organizational infrastructure on your borders.

Within your county you can organize your allies in any manner you see fit.  If you are a relatively rural county with a few small towns sprinkled here and there, perhaps you assign each to a member of your team, making it his AoR.  Perhaps your team chooses to operate on a .mil or similar rank system - all those details are for each Patriot and team to work out for themselves.

But here is the reason it is important to actually stand-up some sort of functional organizational infrastructure: In the event of SHTF/WRoL, there will be Patriots like me who travel, at least regionally, for Intel purposes, to lend aid and support where possible, to help coordinate supply runs and other logistical needs.  When a Patriot from outside of your AO arrives, in order to be of any utilitarian value to you and your team, he will need to make quick and covert contact with all of your Leaderless Resistance Leaders.  In order for you to make use of whatever aid & support he is able to provide, you will need infrastructure to ensure that widgets and supplies get where they need to be. You will need to provide your out-of-town ally with a safe place to be, a safe place to phone home, a safe place to heal (perhaps).

All of those needs are satisfied by the mundane, boring infrastructure that you should be setting up now, while you can.

The only cavalry coming is you and me.  Let's make certain we can find one another when we must, but also that 3B gets where needed in an efficient manner.

Begin by standing up infrastructure in your county.  Repeat in neighboring counties as necessary.

Here's a pretty good interactive map of Counties, brought to you by your tax dollars.  At the lower-right corner of the map you'll see a red floating banner - click it.  Then you can drill down to your area of interest.  Do not forget hard copies - of sufficient size and detail to be useful.  Here's just one link.

How can you connect (initial contact) with other Patriots in your AO/Region?  Start at the III Society - then get together offline.  We all have work to do, and we are all behind schedule.



  1. Too static, not to mention too predictable and hence too containable. In some ways Detroit is closer to Toledo than Yonkers is to Manhattan; no map can express that. Even if it could, the permutations are endless.

    I know the concept is less than a day old, but I gotta hunch that universal peer-to-peer comms is going to resolve a lot of these challenges. It will offer extreme flexibility in this respect and place decisions where they properly belong, with individual teams rather than policy driven by a static map. Dynamic judgment leading to dynamic action, figures to be a major advantage for FREEFOR. Just because the Bad Guys can't do it, doesn't mean the Good Guys can't.

    It's just a hunch at this point. If everyone knows everything, not confidential that is, then it's bound to be an overwhelming force regardless of the numbers. At the very least, the power of those numbers will be optimized in a perfectly expedient manner.

  2. Sam, I have been reading you for quite some time. Truest words I've read are:
    "We, all have work to do, and we are all behind schedule. " Keep up the good fight. We are not out of it yet. - Grandpa (stormfriend)


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