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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A moment of Reality, if I may...

While I am nearly despondent that I may somehow be responsible for pointing out the turd in the punchbowl of the many victory dances taking place now that OpFor has been thoroughly trounced...

You (and I) are not the first rodeo for FedGov dealing with domestic "problems".

White Hate.

Outlaw Bikers.

90's Militia.

War on Drugs.

War on Crime.

Vietnam Protestors.

Black Hate.

Tax Challengers.

Five Families.

Rum Runners.

Those pesky Rebs from south of the Mason-Dixon.

Those pesky redskins of the non-NFL variety.

FedGov has been sharpening knives against real problems since FedGov came into existence and was hijacked by Evil men.

The only reason we did not all die (and those of us on the ground know it) over Barry-cades, and the only reason every Patriot at Bundy did not die in the desert, and why every Patriot at the Foley Building did not die in that concrete canyon that is the plaza is very simple - the Evil men in command have not yet chosen to unleash Hell.

Dance if you will.  Think the forces of Evil are intimidated, if you will.  Delude yourself, if you will.

Here are two very brutal realities: 

One: The Enemies of Liberty believe they have the physical means to crush Liberty at their whim.  

Two:The Enemies of Liberty will act on that belief, when they choose to act.

On that day, Patriots will be slaughtered.

What happens on the next day is the only current unknown.

If you consider yourself a Patriot, you'd better be living every moment as if you expect to be Target Zero on D-Day at H-Hour.

If you make it to Day Two - Godspeed.

They mean to have a war.  

They are not afraid.  They are insulated by the same arrogance that permits Patriots to believe FedGov is afraid.  The Evil Men will only know fear when they understand they were wrong in their first assumption.  

If they are wrong...



  1. "If they are wrong." Many would say that this is the biggest 'IF' we are facing right now...and it's not like there aren't a large and imposing bag of 'IF's from which to pick at the moment. But there is a bigger, overarching 'IF' that we must all answer in side ourselves - the question of 'IF' we have the honor to stand up for dignity - the dignity of all men, not just those who look and speak like us - and the courage to face destruction *for the right reasons*.
    Because if we do not have that honor, if we are "ready" to go to war for the wrong reasons, then our destruction is already complete, and our enemies are correct to celebrate our demise.

    Never forget that just because your enemies are WRONG, doesn't make you right. Examine the dignity of your own motives; there's no genuine value in being "the cleanest among the dirty shirts" in this, or any situation.

    The spiritual battle is raging all around us - are you winning in that venue? If not, how can you be a good ally to others on the physical battlefield?


  2. Not that it makes a difference or changes
    the reality of the imminent fighting and
    However, it is Wednesday and the supposed
    "debt ceiling" is reached again this Sunday.
    As of 9:48 am ET, the house is not in session
    and the senate is babbling about human sex trafficking.
    Without question, there is a quick and dirty "FUCK YOU"
    passage again of an unlimited blank
    check without restrictions (under cover of darkness).
    Moreover, if that falls through in the short term (intentionally?),
    I believe it will be quickly used to bird flip and shit on veteran's
    and the military again at monuments and memorials.
    So be it.
    If that happens, this time I will have to represent in the
    AO of DC.
    Once more unto the barrycades, dear friends, once more.

  3. No argument. But I do believe congregations of armed citizens are found to be most perplexing to Sauron's men. I also think it evident that they really do not know how to deal with 2nd amendment things.

    Now imagine if you will that there was no 2nd amendment. I think we can agree that this would have been over a long time ago. Right now it is the only tie that binds.

    Madison could not have been more wrong than when he first rejected the idea of a bill of rights. Time has proven that they were and are necessary. While there is no such thing as a parchment barrier, the words do slow up the inevitable move towards tyranny and allow for time to get organized to oppose it and make the corrections necessary to make it harder for tyranny the next time around.

    I think that's what the Founders expected us to do. It's certainly what I'm going to do.


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