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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lodging Options & Other Updates for Idaho PatCon 2015

Miss Violet has compiled a listing of places to stay in St Maries.  You'll find the list with links and contact information on the LODGING Page at the Idaho PatCon Blog. 

There is a motel in town center near the county fairgrounds, an Inn or two, and a number of B&B options.    

If you are even thinking about attending our Idaho PatCon in July -- but prefer not to camp on the mountain -- make reservations ASAP.  This area is a popular outdoor destination. July is peak season for summertime vacationers.  

H has also linked her first music video at the PatCon site.  Hint: I'm told archery will be among the many planned activities.  But there is also a deeper message, no doubt, given the choice of video. 

H & Miss Violet are still spooling up.  In due time, there will be a PatCon ACTIVITIES Page. 


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