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Friday, March 6, 2015

An Olive Branch - Because I'm Such a Nice Guy

Mike - the next time you run the risk of leaving your supporters twisting in the wind, just let me know.  We'll send a short bus for you (It has a wheelchair lift - so no worries).  The TOC is currently staged on the eastern edge of the Redoubt - but we could make something happen for you.

III to III, brother.



  1. That's awfully nice of you K, considering Mikey and his followers blamed you for his not making it today. Too funny.

    1. He blames the weather and the airlines.

      Personally, I think he's afraid my wife was going to be there. ;)


  2. You're right. It was an anonymous commenter that said:

    "I wonder where Kerodin was before? Oh yeah. Right. Nevermind.

    It does have me speculating if his sudden insistance to attend an event that was not his design was intentional given the plan that Mike was never going to make it. You know, like a little birdy told him or something.

    Makes you wonder, dont it?"

    I don't think I'd want to tangle with Holly either. ;)

  3. Oh, yeah, he should be afraid of her. And I'm not joking at all, and he would deserve everything she dished out!

  4. You people crack me up! Yuk-Yuk!


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