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Friday, March 6, 2015

Spokane AAR

The Spokane protest came and went without a replay of March 5, 1770.

The Miltia in attendance looked sharp, and professional.  They played an important role.

There was no conflict, were no arrests, and no drama.  DHS informed the protesters where they were permitted to be, and the protest happened on the X.

I had trusted Tribe members on-scene who met several Patriots through the event, and paid close attention.  Sixty or so Patriots mustered.  FedGov Riflemen on overwatch.  I arrived after a circuitous recon, and found a scene that I have seen time and again at Patriot events across the country.  Calm and respectful Patriots exercising Rights.

There was no trash on the grounds when the event was over.

To those who took the time and energy to attend, to stand - good on you.

We'll post more pictures this evening.



  1. Thought you were going to do a little live streaming?

    1. It was sedate. Everyone was well-behaved, nothing to show re: FedGov eating crow.

  2. Polite, focused, resolute! Serious business, serious people. It was a good to be amongst fellow Patriots!

  3. Two things happen when truthful reporting of facts does not take place. 1. The people are misinformed. 2. Those reporting the “facts” loose credibility. I recently did a reread of Walter Lippman’s essays “Liberty in the News.” It cannot be stressed enough the importance of truthful reporting of facts by members of the patriot community if our cause is to succeed. Success is not measured by putting a favorable spin on a story. Victory will not be had without merit. I’ve been reading today comments out in the blogosphere on yesterday’s rally in Spokane, it would seem that, by the comments, there were two different rallies, the one I attended and one in a parallel dimension where “defiance” has a wholly different definition than this: defiance; noun: open resistance; bold disobedience: the demonstration was held in defiance of official warnings.
    When permission is given, there can’t be any defiance. It was good to stand in unity and opposition to .gov, but it was at their pleasure and under their (snipers)watch. Bad intel can cost lives, maybe even your own. Don’t be that guy or gal.

    Richard R Deaver


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