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Thursday, March 19, 2015

III Update

A few years ago Holly and I had a discussion about where the world is, where we think it is headed, and our roles in it.  We shared some of our decisions with you publicly, some allies know more than we are willing to broadcast in the clear.

The bottom line: We decided to turn away from our businesses and focus our energies on the III and the Evil that this way comes.  We've had tremendous support from you, and we thank you all.

We also decided to leave the DC Metro (where I lived most of my life and had established our businesses, designed to get us through old age) and move to an AO that is off the major lines of attack.  All of you know how the location of our new home evolved - and we are here.  

We have had the great fortune to have several III families move into the area, and more are buying homes and coming this way.  Tribe. Because way too much of my life is public, everyone knows I decided to open a dojo and begin teaching in our new hometown as a means to pay the bills.  I was determined for decades I would never open a dojo - yet here I am.  

Want to make God laugh...

I promised all of you that once Holly and I got here and began to settle-in, we'd make big moves for the III.  We are here.  We are slowly getting settled.  And the 'big moves' will begin to be made public next week.

We did not move 2,500 miles from my lifetime home and walk away from our established businesses for financial gain - financial "security" for me is in the DC Metro.  We came here because "here" offers me the best potential for keeping my wife alive until we die of natural causes in our old age.

While I am here, I intend to help as many of you become as prepared for the same fights as I am able, and I intend to do everything in my power to see Rightful Liberty survive and prevail beyond me in this life.

I'll roll out detailed projects next week, with updates on the projects we all created together over the last few years.  Right now I only want to mention the PatCon.  Brock has everyone east of the Mississippi covered in North Carolina in May.  If you have ever attended one of Brock's NC PatCons, you know what I mean.  If you live anywhere east of the Mississippi, I urge you to make the journey to Dixieland and learn for yourself the power of meeting fellow Patriots.

We'll be holding our second PatCon here in Idaho in late July.  If you read this blog daily, you know the Planning Committee has been working already for weeks, and their workload gets heavier every day.  I am determined that we'll make Brock proud in our efforts.

If you can make it to Idaho in late July, I encourage you to consider bringing the family and spending as much time as possible in this beautiful piece of America.  We'll roll out more details beginning next week on the PatCon as well, I am very proud of how it is shaping up - but for now I will simply ask you to take a second and hit the new poll in the upper-right corner of the blog, and let the Planning Committee know if you intend to be here.

A Simple Truth, Patriots: Whether Liberty lives or dies in our lifetime is on us.  We all know the quote "Liberty is never more than a generation away from disappearing" - I dare say we are within a few years, or one damned good fight, of losing it forever.

Or, restoring Liberty to the Human Race.

Hit the poll on your way out, please.


Oh, seems H wrote a new post over at the PatCon Blog, here. She wrote hers before reading this post. Such things are no longer odd in the Kerodin home. 

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  1. Just for what it's worth, I appreciate that you are one of the people who put their 'money where their mouth is' and on top of it, make it public (in a very big way). All the best to you and yours for taking a stand and leading the way for others ..........


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