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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Basics. Always Remember The Basics...




Regarding the "Communicate" link - the III Society has established a dealer account with AnyTone for the new line of radios.  Honestly, we are only considering the TERMN-8R radios at the moment - several radios in one, complete with frequency hopping.  I'm putting up a poll at right to gauge how much interest there may be, to determine how many units to buy in our first run.  Give me some feedback, please.



  1. Our group standardized on the Woxoun radios for tactical and local ops some 5+ years ago, and they have served us very well, so we're not looking to change TO&E at this time.
    That said, I cannot stress enough to everyone that communications is quite nearly THE top priority for anyone who intends to prevail in the coming Liberty Games. And every groups' leadership had better understand the difference between Tactical, Local, Regional, and Global comms, and have made appropriate preparations to engage in each category to the appropriate degree. Yes, there's a lot of knowledge, planning, and gear required to address all four categories; however, as the old question goes, "what is the value of that piece of information which saves the lives of those you hold dear?"
    Without comms, you don't have the ability to build an information network throughout and beyond your community; nor coordinate your tactical teams in real-time.
    In short, without proper gear and a good comms plan, that bit of information may well never reach you, or will come too late.

  2. Question....just two blog posts below this one (and many others in the past) you post about how terrible communism is (and I agree). AND, then you post this, saying the III Society has decided a slave labor communist Chinese produced radio is the radio of choice for you!! Did you not know the TERMN-8R was Chinese produced? I sure hope so...otherwise, hypocrite much? Are there no democratic free-market produced radios that are good enough for the III....or should we just suck it up and buy Red, and get that star stamped on our membership cards?

    1. Wowsers! OK, even though you choose to post anonymously, I'll explain a few points from my perspective.

      Item the First: I despise Commies, and I will use any and every tool at my disposal as a weapon to end all Commies - and that includes beating one Commie to death with another.

      Item the Second: No, I do not hold much sympathy for Commie fucks working in Commie factories - there are many things in this life worse than Death, and enduring the predations of Commie "Masters" is among them. The only piece of shit lower than a Commie slave is a prison guard - someone who voluntarily enters a prison every day for 20-30 years to take the King's Coin. That is the bottom of Human Evolution, on display. But I digress...

      Item the Third: Of course I know they are a BaoFeng radio. I also strongly suspect all manner of compromises are built into the radios making them less-secure than we would like, not only by ChiComs, but also FedGovComs. However, as serious, experienced Comms experts have told me - DO NOT CRACK THE MIC UNLESS YOU ARE DOING SO AS A DECEPTION OP OR YOU ARE FULLY AWARE THAT YOU ARE RISKING YOUR LIFE. I am of the firm opinion that Comms are always going to be a very risky proposition so long as State-level players (such as FedGov) remain on their feet.

      Item the Fourth: Do YOU know of any single "Free Market, Made in the USA" radios that do all of the things the TERMN-8Rs do? Do you know of any "Free Market, Made in the USA" radios that cover the same functions, even if one must buy several radios? Now for the Bonus Round: Can you ensure such radios are any more secure than the TERMN-8Rs, and even REMOTELY available at the same price points?

      Item the Fifth: Do not mention Motorola.

      Item the Sixth: I'm done. If you can honestly tell me you would not beat a Commie to death with a Commie-made boot, then you win.


    2. As usual, Sam is correct. Using a ChiCom made AK to kill commies is not only practical, it has a certain poetic justice to it, which pleases many in the patriot community. How is a radio any different?

      Neither rifles *nor radios* have any conscience; they are neither good nor evil. It is the hand which operates them which counts.

      Would you cut off your hand before going into battle?

      Would you refuse to consider a piece of intelligence simply because you don't like it's source?

      This is war; the mission is simple - Defeat, Destroy, and Kill Commies. Use whatever tools are expedient. Period.

  3. https://hamgear.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/obltr-8r-termn-8r-user-manual-preliminary.pdf

  4. I never claimed to be a radio guy; BUT, a quick search revealed several Kenwood, Icom, Alinco, and Yaesu transceivers that are highly rated by amateur radio sites...those are Japanese and Korean. They may not (again, NOT a radio guy) have all the functionality your pick has, but I for one am willing to give up some functionality in order to not purchase Made in China products. (And, as an aside, was it your pick, the III Society Board's pick, or Sparks pick on this radio? Did you provide any parameters to whomever picked it, like "made in a non-Communist country"?).

    You asked for feedback, and I gave it. Don't like it, deal with it. I don't like my money being spent on commie Chinese gear...that's MY moral and ethical line. Yours apparently is the opposite. That's fine, EXCEPT, you're spending my money as well as every other member of the III Society's money on supporting the commies. I don't recall you asking us. I don't shop at Harbor Freight either....their crap is 90% made in China. I know I can't escape buying Chinese (my cellphones, TV, this computer, etc.) are loaded with their components....BUT, the totality of the item is not MADE IN CHINA. There's a huge difference which I hope you can see.

    The III Society should NOT be sending our money to China. Full Stop.

    If you and the Board decide that supporting the Chinese regime is just fine for an organization purporting to subscribe to rightful liberty, then I will have to re-evaluate my membership with the Society and support of the III. I don't see how we, who espouse liberty and freedom, can then say "oh, sure, let's buy Chinese" WHEN THERE ARE OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE....even if they cost more, or have less functionality. I'd wager that the vast majority of III patriots will never use most of the TERMN-8R's full functionality.

    As to your Item the Sixth....nope, I'd beat him to death in a heartbeat; but I wouldn't pay him for hist boot first (as you apparently want to do).

    LT attempted a couple specious and disingenuous arguments when he lock-step jumped to the forefront in support of you....yeah, ChiCom made AK's....you buying yours direct from China, LT, or from someone in the states?? If you can't see the difference and don't understand how the economics there work, you're beyond redemption. Radios and Rifles have no conscience, but WE DO. So we don't send our $$ to China. "Would you cut off your hand before going into battle?" What a stupid question....NO, I'd pick up my US made rifle, and go forth. If I'm on a battlefield all and out of ammo and all that around me is are AKs, I'd pick it up and use it....but I'm not PAYING for it. Can't you see the difference? And intel?? Really?? WTF does that mean? You getting your intel from the Chinese LT? I bet my year's pay that I have forgotten more about intel than you know. (14 years Army SIGINT, followed by a 12 year stint working with CIA and DIA). I have no problem using whatever tools are available to me...as long as I am not DIRECTLY purchasing them from communists. You should feel free to support them. You have to look at yourself in the mirror...I just have to look at you thru a 3-9x optic.

    1. Anon: Go back up and actually read the post this time.

      I'll quote the relevant point: Regarding the "Communicate" link - the III Society has established a dealer account with AnyTone for the new line of radios. Honestly, we are only considering the TERMN-8R radios at the moment...

      The Society has not spent a dime on these radios. It is a consideration. You objections have been noted. If we decide to proceed with these radios, the Society will post on it so you will have the opportunity to withdraw your support.

      A purely personal point: You draw the lines of buying Commie gear in some pretty soft sand, sir. You'll buy your TV and computer, knowing you are buying ChiCom widgets, but your conscience is clear because the product label does not say "Made in China". To LT you say you have no problem using any tools available to you - so long as you do not buy them DIRECTLY from ChiComs.

      You can't be a little pregnant.


    2. Like we don't have enough enemies against liberty that we have to make enemies within our own community WTF over...

  5. First of all, I don't lock-step - my response was carefully considered, and entirely my own opinion. Second, you are very correct when you say you're not a "radio guy" - there are very few choices available to non-government customers who want the ability to frequency-hop in a handheld package. The few other choices offering this capability available through consumer channels (especially from the vendors you mentioned) are between 5X and 10X more expensive.
    Is the lack of Freq-Hopping a full DQ for tactical comms? NO.
    But having the ability to use that feature is rather valuable in a number of scenarios, so it *requires* serious consideration in the choice of TO&E.

    And as far as your ability to forget intelligence skills; I was operating P2 in a skiff at the Abrams building when the flash traffic came through that President Reagan had been shot - I handed the traffic to the SOoD for delivery to Secretary Haig, who was there meeting with SHAPE staff at that moment, while I initiated the Lariat Advance which put every US Soldier, Marine, and Airman from Iceland to the Baltic on high alert for a COMBLOC action in response to that 'moment of opportunity'. So maybe you have more to forget than I do, or maybe not. Regardless, we shouldn't be getting our diapers in a bunch over quibbling details, even before capex has been committed to a particular item of TO&E. Stay on point, soldier - The enemy remains the same; The MISSION remains the same, and there is much work to do.

  6. It's no wonder you post anonymous, it fits with the overall impression that your spine left the building aeons ago, if you ever had one.

    Many in the III community have looked me in the eye and shook my hand, and they know what I am made of; you, on the other hand, are but an unbranded mess of pottage.

    As for "looking at me through a 3~9 optic"; yeah, good luck with that.

    1. LT: What is your AO - or region, if actual AO is too specific. Email me at K@Kerodin.com. (Region map is at the III Society site, here: http://iiipercentsociety.blogspot.com/2015/03/regions.html

  7. I've started a thread on this topic over at the III Society blog.


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