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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Implosion is Imminent

The camel stands until that final straw is added to his back, exceeding his UL Rating.  Then the poor bastard creaks a bit, then drops like a rock.

Many of us expect the III'rd North American Liberty Games to progress in a similar manner.  Watch the video above.  Small detonations that cascade into a sudden, imminent implosion.  The astute Patriot understands that the detonation process has already begun, and there is no escaping the Evil that this way comes.

Implosion is imminent.

Most people reading this blog are on the proper side of the curve for dealing with the coming troubles.  I don't know that any of us can honestly claim we are 100% prepared, where we want to be in all our defenses and preps.  Many of us are ready "enough" - but every day can be used to improve our status in some manner - even if it is "only" PT.

I am an advocate of getting off the line of attack.  Whether micro or macro, whether slipping a punch by letting it slide by your ear, or by getting in your Bug Out Buggy and getting 50 miles from your current residence - best way avoid punch, no be there.  (NEVER forget your Miyagi.  ;)

Think back to Ferguson.  Think back to any riot in any city in America.  Now consider that same scenario where everyone in the crowd is armed, angry and hungry.  In the opening weeks of the kinetic phase of the Liberty Games, that horrific scenario is likely to play out at some level in many, many AOs across the country.  I do not care how well-prepped you think you may be.  I do not care if you have a legitimate Company (80-250 Patriots) of well-trained, fit, outfitted, ready-to-rock allies, complete with Combat Support elements and infrastructure - you are not fit to lead those Patriots if you intend to launch them into the teeth  of the grinder.  Don't agree with me?  Go find yourself any prudent, experienced combat veteran and ask him if he'd throw even 250 fighters at 2,000 or more OpFor of any caliber - if simply waiting a week will reduce the enemy numbers, energy, morale and resources by half or more.

Experienced combat veterans teach Cover & Concealment for a reason.  Because there are times when it is more prudent to hold, to wait, before Flanking & Spanking (TM).

So to my fellow Patriots who understand and can appreciate the value of tactical prudence - do you have the protocols in place among your Team to duck & cover, if ducking & covering is the prudent tactical play?  If sheltering in place is not ideal in your AO, do you have a muster point that is more defensible where your Team and their families can rendezvous?  Do you have protocols to send E&E Teams out to those in your Tribe who may need help getting to the Green Zone?

One final thought: If sheltering in place is your plan, until such time as it is tactically prudent to muster on a pre-designated X in your AO - how fast can your nearest Team ally get to your home or office to engage OpFor from the rear or flanks if OpFor launches decapitation ops?  How many minutes will you have to stay alive, on your own, until your nearest ally can make it?  What if he's targeted at the same time you are approached in your cubicle or work van?

Barrycades and Bundy were detonations, Patriots.  The process has begun and there is no way to stop the imminent implosion.

Are you on the proper footing, with the proper protocols, with the proper people at your shoulders?

If you are still alone in your AO, if you still do not have enough allies to help you survive and prevail in your AO, you need an exit strategy that will keep you alive until such time presents that you can turn and engage.

Think about it.


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  1. a quote from a moh seal took hit me hard. "why run to your death?"


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