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Monday, March 30, 2015

MVT Rifleman Challenge AAR

The first Rifleman Challenge appears to have been an extraordinary success!  Congratulations to everyone who dared to take the challenge, to those awarded the Rifleman Tab and the Vanguard Tab.  
And I think we can all agree an outstanding Bravo Zulu! to Max for creating the Rifleman Challenge, doing the hard work of creating a set of realistic standards, enduring the peanut gallery and driving forward to put together a standard for the entire Patriot Community that is worthy of emulation.  When you encounter a III Patriot with an MVT Rifleman and/or Vanguard tab on his kit, you know that Patriot has met a serious standard.

I'm also very proud to share that Jim (in the above picture, far left in that handsome III Cap) won the III Society Scholarship and did us all proud by earning his Rifleman Tab.  Good for you, Patriot!

I hope many more Patriots out there are looking forward to the next Rifleman Challenge, and doing what it takes to get yourself to MVT and earn your tab.

Well done to everyone involved.

We'll post Jim's AAR when it is ready.


1 comment:

  1. Great job Jim!

    It was my honor to marshal you and record your time as you came running up that rocky steep hill with your pack and your rifle!
    Well done!

    : )


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