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Monday, March 30, 2015

TERMN-8Rs - Order Placed

Thanks to all who who supported, whether by purchasing, or with moral support for the project.  It is satisfying to know that many Patriots and Teams are standardizing gear, across multiple AOs.

If you are coming to PatCon in Idaho, be sure to bring your radios (and your FCC Ticket) so we can all run these things through their paces.

For those who asked: Yes, we will continue to offer the TERMN-8Rs going forward.  I won't be able to offer freebie patches and pouches, however, since my cost per unit depends on bulk orders.  If I am buying just a few radios every month for demand, I can't hit the price-points needed for the freebies.  I did buy a few extras with this shipment, so we'll have some ready to ship. I may raffle a set for those folks who want to have a shot at a pair.

My thanks to those folks who ordered extra units to be raffled at PatCon.

I consider this another very successful III Project.  These projects only work because of you.


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