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Monday, March 30, 2015

Texas Secession Backed by Russians

I ask all secessionists to wake the fuck up out of your delusions - if a Republic of Texas is a good thing for Communist Russia, how is it possibly a good thing for Rightful Liberty and the Founding Ideals in the DoI and BoR?

And DO NOT try to give me any crap about how you can use Russian money and power today to get independence, then you'll just kick 'em to the curb.  Sorry, but the recorded history of Man does not support that hypothesis.

Balkanizing America is exactly what the Enemies of Liberty want.

You want to separate from FedGov and govern yourselves in an independent nation-state - look at the 9th and 10th amendments, and apply them.  There's your "Secession", your "escape from Washington DC", without compromising the safety and security of every other Human Being on this continent - and without murdering Liberty.

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  1. I have always been concerned about this sort of thing.

    Did ya get a look at the moron that went Russia?

    Secession. I understand the concept. I truly do. But if you think for one moment you're gonna bring the Russians, Chinese, Islamists, NORKs, etc. into my general vicinity, you're out of you're fucking mind.

    1. ditto - and - if i and mine have to resort to hurling rocks at whatever foreigners who expect to do the clean-up work after the free exchange of ideas is underway, that's what will happen... we, in this sector of the hemisphere, can sort out our own issues...

  2. Ya full blown pay op. What's truly bothersome is that it's going to take an enormous amount of lead to sort out the commies come sporty time. I'm thinking it will be bou coups difficult.

  3. I think the real threat of secession is actually more valuable than the act itself, considering the consequences. In almost all things, I think smaller *is* better; but when you contemplate the value of the DoI and BoR as the foundation for a community of states, you can't really do better.
    And, considering the threats posed by China, Russia, and the towelhead alliance (whatever they are calling themselves this week) I believe it prudent for the states to remain well bound in a mutual defense pact, at a damn bare minimum...

    In other words, if we returned to the state of the states in ~1804, I'd call that optimum. Everything since 1860 has been nothing but lipstick on a pig, and needs to be scrubbed entirely.

  4. The banner at WRSA today...

    "The best chance for freedom in North America is a peaceable group of independent nations with wildly-different economies, cultures, and polities which embrace rational trade amongst their peers, forswear first-strike violence within and without their borders, and stand ready, willing, and able to slaughter anyone who violates those terms."

    I did question it by commenting on the banner on this post...


    By asking this... Sez who?

  5. Do you want to be a citizen of a global super power? Sure there are perks (everything is cheaper if OPEC only accepts your currency, etc) but then your countrymen have to go around pushing people around and exerting your influence. "Bringing the blessings of American Democracy (tm)" is optional, but is a good smokescreen. As a superpower, you can't stop playing geopolitical chess because then you lose.
    The fledgling nation formed from the 13 colonies did not fall under the dominion of France. Nor would the CSA if they (and their British allies) had won.
    Putin wants a weakend fUSA, not Novorussia on the Rio Grande.
    BTW, that is a ChiCom flag In the shape of Texas.


    1. I know it is a ChiCom flag - this is where too many people start getting lost. It doesn't matter if it is ChiCom stars or the Hammer & Sickle - look at the sea of red that binds.

      That's the enemy.

      And it would be unwise to under-estimate what Vlad may think is good for Vlad.

    2. Fine. Commies gonna commie. There are plenty on this side of the Atlantic (and Pacific) that have more impact on my life.
      Vlad wants a weakend Imperial America. Not People's Democratic Republic of Texas. Unless the newly created Republic of Texas builds a pipeline to Europe and undercuts Gazprom, Texas is not a problem Vlad wants.
      My point was go ahead and take Pootie-Poot's money, RPG7s, and steel cased .223. Just win, because you won't like losing. Besides, no one is saying that the Republic of Texas can't Confederate with Idah-oming-tana sometime in the future. Hell, Alberta can join too, they have oil also!


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