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Monday, March 9, 2015

Patriot Events: Graduate Level

OK - there is a LOT I can tell you about Clifton Street, NW DC.  I won't.  But I could.

But what you really need to know is this: ATVs in downtown DC are not normal.  I mean - not normal = It doesn't flippin' happen.  I doubt if 40 ATVs are even registered in all of DC.

And 40 ATVs on Clifton Street - I can promise you not one White Guy was within miles.  And I would bet my favorite woobie - checking Titles will NOT reflect the names of the actual riders.

Yet - a DC LEO was about to write a ticket to a gal who was "ABOUT" to drive her ATV on the street - and she instantly had a Posse of 40 MORE ATVs ON HER FLANK AND RUNNING LEO OUT OF DODGE.

THAT'S how you run a Liberty Event, my friends.

Here's the story.



  1. Priceless beyond compare. I'll bet officer friendly "left the scene" to go change his shorts.
    Everyone with an interest in Liberty should consider carefully that papparzzi, assassins, and Trusted Messengers all have a strong preference for motorcycles. Their speed and agility make them an urban force multiplier extraordinaire. Throw in some 2-way radios to keep a number of scouts and strike-teams in touch, and the tactical advantages of such a maneuver group become overwhelming to *damn near anything* LEO can muster.

  2. This is something you'd see in Manassas or Fredericksburg, not in NW DC. But it is a block or two from Howard University.

  3. there is a LOT I can tell you about Clifton Street, NW DC. I won't. But I could.

    I bet.


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