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Monday, March 9, 2015

So - you leaving the porch, Scooter?

**UPDATE**  A full 75% of a very small sample of Patriots say they will leave the porch if the Washington State Patriots begin getting SWAT'd.  Most say they will operate in their own, hometown AOs, rather than travel to Washington - which is prudent.  

Whatever you decide, under whatever circumstances present - Godspeed.


SPLC is having a bit of fun twisting tails of folks in Washington.  

Several reports, being picked-up breathlessly by some *writers* in the Liberty Movement, suggest arrests are imminent for those who carried recently at the FedGov plaza in Spokane.

OK - let's play "What if..."

What if...

...FedGov (or State Gov) arrests members (some or all) of Liberty for All and those acting in their interests.  Are you leaving the porch to either go to Washington State, or to do some work in your AO?  Real work, of the  -*ahem* - not one more inch/100 Heads variety.

Hey, it's the "What if..." game.  Play along.  It's Monday and I'm bored.  

So - is this one of your lines in the sand - or do you wish the folks in Washington Godspeed and following seas...

Poll is - closed.



  1. I was not overexcited in the least
    by the article.
    I just passed it on, by posting it
    on the news link.

    1. Sorry - not you or the readers sending links - I'm watching Google and other feeds at the number of stories being written and those writers are quite exercised. ;)

  2. Codrea's got a point...

    "A federal judge who threatened contempt charges in her order has been defied. If that is not followed through with enforcement, her edict will have been flouted in a most public and visible way, and her position, ego and anger give strong personal incentive to demand obedience at all costs. So expect those in charge of federal enforcement – and those who enthusiastically follow their orders – to ensure their monopoly of violence authority cannot be successfully challenged by mere upstart citizens."

    I highly doubt that what he describes in the next paragraph is going to take place-just like in Connecticut when 90% or so of gun owners refused to register their "assault rifles" .gov inc. is not going to do a damn thing-yet.
    If they want to arrest people,they'll just arrest them as they're leaving work,or the grocery store,Dr's office,etc.

    There's no way I can drive 2,000 miles to attend a rally,or fly and rent a car.
    If things were to get sporty-I would have to be here,defending home and family-and I'm sure a whole lot of others are going to say the same thing.
    I'll do anything I can to support the people in Wa from home,and that's all I can do at this time.

    1. This isn't about you nor do I intend to be nit-picky, but notice how you word that. "There's no way..." and "That's all I can do..."

      I don't challenge other people's values and decisions. That's what Rightful Liberty is all about, duh. But it would be nice if every last one of us stopped pretending any of it is anything but a choice. I choose as you do, at least for now, so it's not about the particular choice. It's about believing that it's something else.

      Until cuffs are on or pointy things break your skin, it's not.

  3. It's already quite sporty, just about everywhere. We *all* need to be acting as the Bostonians did under the scourge of occupying Red Coats - everyone, every day, do some little thing to make life inconvenient, distasteful, and/or unsafe for the tyrants and their apparatchiks.
    Tires on official vehicles go flat, sometimes fuel gets contaminated, or fenders get bent in against a tire while a patrol car is parked - who can be blamed for such things?
    Power, internet, and telephone service to their homes and offices can have "difficulties" as a result of poor/improper maintenance.
    Dry cleaning and other services can be waylaid, misdelivered, or damaged in transit.
    Food and beverages ordered to support the administrators of the regime and their interminable meetings can be prepared with expired products, or otherwise sullied prior to delivery.
    Funny smells sometimes come through HVAC systems, disrupting the tyrants work until the cause can be found.
    There are a million ways in which patriots can wage a low-level war against the praetors and overseers of the regime without recourse to arms. It's all a matter of circumstance and opportunity.
    Each of us should do SOME LITTLE THING, EVERY DAY to make the lives of the enemy more difficult, and less productive.


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