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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Open Carry Fight as a Political Tool for Broader Issues...

Where are you on the Open Carry fight?

Personally, I think if Patriots began to Open Carry as part of their daily lives, the impact on the 2A fight would be swiftly notable and positive.

We've posed the premise at the III Society site for discussion.  Do you think the III Society should enter the Open Carry strategy?



  1. Mikey has informed a Colorado Springs newspaper (The Gazette) that
    he is a "leader in the national 'We Will Not Comply' movement," with an email in response to the article: gazette.com/colorados-gun-debate-will-likely-rage-on-for-years/article/1548495

    My email to the author:
    From: georgemason1776@aol.com
    To: megan.schrader@gazette.com
    Sent: Thu, Mar 26, 2015 6:02 am
    Subject: Your story is beside the point -- the law is already being flouted by large numbers of armed civil disobedients.

    1. Heh - the words "We will not comply" must mean something different in Alabama than they do in the rest of the English-speaking world. "We will not comply - unless the nice policeman tells me I am under arrest for my pistol..."

  2. No Now Sam.............Be nice to the old feller. :)

  3. I cary every day, and more than half the time, I carry openly. I greatly prefer it that way - it seems to me to be the most honest and accountable way to carry. Not to mention that it is the best arrangement for a clean, quick draw if you need it.

    Also, visual deterrence is a powerful ally, and I never even have to acknowledge that I am carrying; it speaks for itself.

    And when someone approaches you and objects to you visible equipment, simply smile and tell them that, "A gun in its holster is safer than a car in a garage", and drive on.

    Snivelers never know what to say in response, so it gives me a polite exit point if that's what I want. Those who are on the fence, however, invariably want an explanation for my statement... which invites a good conversation on individual rights, responsibilities, and how that leads to real benefits for society.

    YMMV, but that's what I've been doing for the last 8 years or so, and it works well for me...


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