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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Aerospace Command Returning Comms Gear to EMP-proof Bunker

The question most of us should have immediately at the top of our minds: Why the F would they have ever moved out in the first place?

Here's the link.

Connect dots, Patriots.



  1. Just a shot in the dark.... NORAD is concerned that Iran will have/has nuclear EMP capabilities that could take out the electrical grid. While Obama is hyping the agreement, the Iranians are saying they won't allow inspections of military bases. It would seem that the negotiations were designed to fail as a prelude to an Israeli/US attack. That way Obama can claim he tried before launching an attack. The Iranians have launched a satellite into orbit, so it theoretically could send a low yield nuke that has been optimized for EMP/gamma rays. That would seriously suck as the effects would kill off 90% of the population within a year. Way worse than a direct nuclear attack.

    That's my initial conclusion, but could be way off from what you are thinking K.



    1. And the North Korean EMP story suddenly has more weight as well. http://ncrenegade.com/editorial/north-korea-has-icbm-emp-nukes-on-submarines/

      Is the ground being laid so that "when" an EMP detonates, the defense of "We don't know which leg of the Axis of Evil launched it" becomes easier to use as a reason for not turning the entire planet to glass.

    2. They both make sense as the original article you cited also stated that Vandenberg air force base in Cali was undergoing upgrades by Raytheon also. It would appear they are expecting an east to west trajectory for an attack. So NK or Iran are the prime suspects where as Russia would come straight over the arctic.

  2. Or maybe it's the Chinese? Regardless, we are living in a world where the US is no longer feared.


  3. pre-emption. Word. Whether for the axis, or for those about to rock... let's get it on. We're fucked, so the question is, on your feet or on your knees?

  4. Why kill your own citizens, or cripple their communities yourself, when you can have another nation or 'force' do the job for you, and avoid the blame?

    I can think of no quicker or more effective means of forcing the majority of the population into immediate and abject dependance upon FED.GOV than an EMP.

    Sadly, I also truly beleive that 0bama would gladly give the "honor" of inflicting such an injury upon us to a mortal enemy such as the Revolutionary Islamic Government of Iran.
    He adheres to their ideology. He prays to their god. He is their ally, and therefore our enemy. There's a word which describes this perfectly - TREASON.


  5. The Big War is Liberty versus Tyranny. Tyranny MUST grow, else it'll eventually be stopped dead in its tracks as Liberty grows. That's simple logic and even Tyrants can figure it out.

    That's why they NEED the New World Order. At this point, with the entire world in disarray and the production of the slaves dwindling to zero, nothing else can lock it up for them. That's why it doesn't matter who nukes whom, or what any particular war is about. Any nukes and any war will be sufficient for their purposes, since they're betting on the fear of the involved populations--pretty much down to Americans at this point--to be so great, that they'll welcome the NWO just as readily as they've welcomed every other drop of statism and progressivism for over a century now.

    It's a good bet for them and it's obviously the strategy. Hey, nukes and wars are pretty scary. Doesn't matter---NOTHING wins the Big War unless individuals decide that they simply WON'T become slaves, even in the face of death. That's not an easy decision to make, especially if you're young and trying to raise a family. Ignoring the whole matter is the easier choice, and modern Americans love easy. Problem is, it gets you just as dead.

    That's the whole thing in a nutshell. The sides and the nature of the decisions involved are all set in stone. No more tipping points are necessary to establish this. There's only one thing left now---for people to choose, and live or die with the consequences of their choices. Me, I say...

    Choose life. Choose liberty. Choose happiness.

    AND stop anyone who dares say it's not your choice to make. WIN!

  6. Forgot to mention yesterday - the biggest point in favor of this scenario is that it flips the logistics issue from a problem for FED.GOV into a problem for *everyone else*, because they have been spending $trillions of our money to stock their secure facilities for years.
    Whereas most everyone in the general population has less than a week's worth of food in their house.

    For FED.GOV, this is the biggest force multiplier of all time - better than every other bit of leverage they can deliver, all combined at once. And if you think there's another reason why they scrapped all our CD programs, and have intentionally left us vulnerable to such an attack, when solutions to most of the challenges have been available since Clinton was pResident, well then I can't help you.

    And if you think that 100 Million dead bodies is too much for them to accept in exchange for such a total victory...

    Guess again.

    Whether they trick Iran or NK into delivering them the victory, or whether they do it themselves and blame it on another nation-state is irrelevant (from an operational standpoint, and from a spiritual one). They *want* it. And if it happens, the sin is upon them for keeping us vulnerable to it.

    As has been said so many times, "Know Your Enemy".
    And I would add, :"...and be prepared to deal with them accordingly."


    There is an old adage - Own the Logistics, Own Victory.
    It's a very, very true one


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