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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Fire Control & Discipline

I began writing this post several times.  I never got more than a few paragraphs into it before I knew it wasn't 'right'.  That rarely happens to me.  I am a stream of consciousness writer - I sit, I write.  I hit 'Publish'.  I rarely edit.  So when I hit a brick wall, I know it is a topic I need to leave alone.

When I woke today I found Max had nailed it.  He did it superbly.  After all, Tactical War Fighting is what the man does.  I don't recommend that you simply read the words.  Take them to heart and begin shaping your training, if needed.

Your Militia Team or CUTT are the cavalry.  There will be no air support or artillery to bail your patrol out of Hell if you suddenly step deeply into trouble.  When you engage, you will win, escape or die.  Don't die simply because you didn't carry enough bullets, or listen to the free advice of a tactical expert.

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  1. Non-combat patrolling is a key function for a successful resistance movement. Scouting for intel, as well as identifying good potential bivoac sites (and even rally points in urban/suburban environments) is an ongoing prepatory activity which you cannot ignore.

    Effective scouting of bivoac sites and rally points is a job for your auxiliary - your armed force is too small, and too valuable to spend on such prepatory activities. "Aged-out" veterans are ideal leaders for such auxiliary teams. We old fart combat vets have the experience to readilly recognize good field sites, even if our backs, knees, and/or hearing aren't quite erviceable for front-line action any longer.

    We also make good intelligence-gathering instruments, because we have a lot of experience with what constitutes relevant data to a combat element. (we're also good as training tools - cadre, OPFOR, and sthe 'eeding' of training sites - but that is a separate conversation)

    Caching is a key skill, folks. To effectively support your main force, your auxilliary elements must be able to quickly and quietly cache ammo, food, water, medical supplies, and even changes of clothing where your main force will need them, *BEFORE* they need them. To make this possible, YOU must be training your auxilliary for such detailed and time-sensitive operations.

    There are no freebies or shortcuts. Whatever needs you fail to adress in your planning, training, and auxiliary activities, will go unattended to, and your troops will suffer for it. They may die for it, or become hostages of the regime for lack of effective support. This is unacceptable; in reality, it amounts to fratricide.

    I have said this many times, because it bears repeating -

    Amateurs focus on tactics;
    Professionals focus on logistics.
    Real operators master them both...

    We must conduct ourselves to the highest standards, such that good men will *want* to volunteer and serve with us.
    We have no draft to provide reinforcements. We have no heavy mech and no heavy weapons to make the fight easier for our side. To overcome these limitations, we must excel in the basics of providing for ourselves to such a degree that we truly impress the people in our AO with our integrity, efficiency, and absolute ability to care for our own. That takes training - training, practice, and the right people in our auxiliary to get the job done right.

    If you're not actively recruiting and preparing your auxiliary to fulfill these requirements, then you are simply preparing to die in a pile of brass...

    There will be a test. There are no do-overs.
    Your success or failure will be an item of public notice.
    Plan. Prepare. Recruit. Train. Repeat vigorusly.



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