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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

LEO as Revenue Generator

Submitted by Mike C.  

If anyone can tell me even one remotely legitimate manner in which this is not an affront to the concept of Rightful Liberty, I'm ready to listen.

Be sure to read the article, below the bullet points I have included here.  The column goes on to articulate the "West Covina Revenue Model" that has been in use for several years.

CA used a phrase today that echoes for me right now: "What is coming will be a continental war of extermination."

The only way CA is wrong is if we all decide to lie down and think of England, until we take our dirt naps at old age, having completely surrendered to Evil.


A group of experts in the fields of city government, business, real estate, and entrepreneurship assembled in April 2008 to identify possible new income streams that could be initiated by law enforcement.2 Their suggested new revenue streams serve as an example of ideas that can be generated in a short period of time. Each idea must be weighed against the feasibility of implementation, profit potential, and appropriateness for law enforcement involvement. Their most prominent recommendations were

• fees for sex offenders registering in a given jurisdiction,

• city tow companies,

• fine increases by 50 percent,

• pay-per-call policing,

• vacation house check fees,

• public hours at police firing range for a fee,

• police department-run online traffic school for minor traffic infractions,

• department-based security service including home checks and monitoring of security cameras by police department,

• a designated business to clean biological crime scenes,

• state and court fees for all convicted felons returning to the community,

• allowing agency name to be used for advertisement and branding,

• triple driving-under-the-influence fines by the court,

• resident fee similar to a utility tax,

• tax or fee on all alcohol sold in the city,

• tax or fee on all ammunition sold in, the city,

• public safety fees on all new development in the city,

• 9-1-1 fee per use,

• police department website with business advertisement for support,

• selling ride-a-longs to the public, and

• police department–run firearm safety classes.


  1. So much for their great lie that "well, this is what you pay taxes for: you know, services that the whole community needs."

    It is long overdue that we start taxing municipalities for every additional badge they put on the street. "How the hell are we going to do that?", you ask.

    Knock out the entrenched supervisory rank in the local goon squad, by the consistent application of selectively targeting the front-line supervisors in the local PD, and ensure that the cost for re-staffing those **essential** positions is made prohibitive.

    Inflict a really bad case of Fresh Meat Syndrome on the local gang of blue thugs; it reduces their effectiveness, increases training and retention costs, and puts the proper imprimateur on their rold in the community...

    Once you get the situation under control, tighten your criteria, and focus on eliminating *BAD* supervisors from the street, post haste.


    Tempus bonus, hoc venit est;
    Illi sanguinem saltant.
    In eses, Malumus erent.

  2. Pay to ride along with a pig? I want some of what they were smokin'!

  3. F'ing Commies. *Spit*
    How about a bounty on Commie scalps? That's a revenue stream I could support.

  4. Time to start decorating some of the local lamp posts.

    1. Damn straight, it is. Well past time, in fact.
      It has been said that "we get the government we deserve". As a corrolary, I would say that "we get the policing we deserve."

      Change what you tollerate, and you *will* change what your receive. Of course, this suggests that you routinely engage that which is intollerable with effective downrange 'effort'.

      Police are no longer "peace keepers". They are thugs and tax collectors, so I say give them a taste of their own - tax the PD for every ordinacnce they enforce which abuses the community. Tax them for every badge they put on the street. Tax them *hard* for every act of violence against *any* citizen. Period.

      Government is encouraging the police to abuse us with the 'carrot' of pay, benefits, and immunity from legal repercussions.

      In turn, we must encourage them not to abuse us with the 'stick'. Make them feel it. Because when they feel it, their behaviour will change.

      This "tolerance tax" must be collected in blood. It must be a direct tax, and it must be imposed consistently to have the desired effect.

      The future is in our hands.

  5. And this:



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