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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Amazon 30% Off CB Gear

Folks - I'm not sure if this is a sale for everyone, or just directed at me because I have been recently searching Amazon for CBs - but I'll offer the link just in case you can use it.

Amazon, Here.

It's not an affiliate link (I'm not signed up as an affiliate).

Hope it is useful for anyone considering a CB purchase.  I notice the Uniden 520 is on the list.  That's one of my personal short-list units for truck & base.  The HomePatrol units are also on sale.


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  1. I don't care for just the 40 channel radios and the ones manufactured after 1995 or so.
    I buy up all the old clean Cobra 148's I can (esp. the ones made in Malaysia) that have the 8719 PLL chip. I can jump the chip to 2 spst switches, and get heaps of upper and lower freq.
    Same with any of the old Midland/Truetone/Boman/etc that have the O2A PLL chip, I can get heaps of lower channels (below channel 1).
    Galaxy, RCI2950, or the newer Lincoln radio (supposed to be better than the old HR2510) are easy to convert for the extra frequencies.

    The 858 PLL chip is another good chip to jump for extra channels in the older radios...and a heckuva lot better radios than the new type.


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