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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Is it time?

"America is at that awkward stage. It's too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards." 

Believe it or not, it has been 19 years since Ms. Wolfe wrote those words.

I wonder how many Patriots have died or aged-out of front-line utility since then, waiting for "The right time..."

I wonder how close some of you think we are as we near yet another April 19th.

I contend the shooting war has already begun.  The purges have begun on a beta-level. Team Tyranny murders without concern for rebuke, every single day of the year, and the bullets are flying only one direction.  They have their lists, and as predicted, the optics drop more every single day as 2016 nears. They are running live-fire FTX's daily, with live targets.

Thus far the nearly unanimous consensus, even in the "hardcore" Liberty Movement, is that it remains "...too soon to shoot the bastards."  I say this with confidence, because, well, you aren't shooting yet and I haven't gone to the Green either.

But how close are we?  And perhaps a more ominous consideration - have we already missed the window of opportunity and are we just pissin' in the wind until it is our turn to age-out?

If you choose to comment here, please do me a favor - leave the hyperbole at Sipsey and other hollow-hero venues.  No cries of "We will not comply" while you fill out yet another 4473.  No cries of "Not one more inch" while showing up at the next rally with your properly documented semi-auto AR, with empty mags of legal capacity and zip-ties running through the chamber.

How close do you think people are to really putting down the cameras, foregoing the "fight it in court" paradigm, and answering the next "You may not do that" or "You may only do that after paying the proper tax and filling out the proper permission slips" .Gov infringement with a double-tap and Fuck You Verra Much?



  1. Well I guess I aged out only because I can't use my left ankle anymore, so I guess for me, it's shelter in place, and dying in a blaze of glory and a pile of brass until they make it into the house. Then they can take my stuff. The stuff that is here, that is. There's other stuff that a select few know how to access in the event of my untimely demise. Godspeed.

    1. You may have aged-out of "front-line utility", in that running & gunning may be off the practical table, but certainly not the Auxiliary. Do you have any sort of Tribe with you?

      And what are your thoughts on the post - do you think people are any closer to Lexington Green than they were 20 years ago? (Which, remember, was when Waco was still fresh.)

  2. We are as close as the Tabernacle is to the Truth.

    On any given day now, I expect to hear the clash of arms coming to me on a wind from afar (or not so far), at which point I'll be running a few bag jobs of my own - there are plenty of scum stains waiting for the bleach treatment in my AO.

    Timing is everything, as they say;
    and yes, April 19th *is* just around the corner...


  3. A lot of people--the vast majority not Warriors--are coming to the realization that the green is most likely going to be their own green, for them. Local, local, local. Further, most people familiar with firearms know that an armed confrontation is not the time to be making complex ethical decisions. My guess is that lots of people have already made the decision and that a significant number will stick with their decision. A significant number won't, too. Lotta people out there.

    "...and the bullets are flying only one direction."

    That's one of the many reasons Marvin Louis Guy is so important.

  4. "how close are we?"

    two years ago I thought we were less than six months away from the drop of the axe, if you'll allow that description, and I was wrong, mainly because I didn't think the .gov would be able to stretch the rubber band any further before it broke.

    Now? Jade Helm is live, TSA and BP are even more nefarious, as LT said April 19th is just around the corner, and we don't know what else is going on behind the scenes that hasn't been revealed yet, so I have no idea as to how close some people are to putting down the cameras. I know my stance, I have a good idea of your stance, K, and how some others hold their stance, but I'm not going to try to predict on how the majority of people will act when shit gets real. Although that could be easy to predict. ;)

  5. as much as i hate to say this, i think we have about ten more years of this crap. ten more will be 250 and i will by then be as you say, aged out if not already dead. the political/ societal conditions resemble 1850-1855 at this point. congress deadlocked, states grumbling but not openly talking secession, nullification gaining steam. yet the people hold out hope for peace, keep voting, not knowing it counts for naught. if the amateur in the white house doesn't bring nuclear rain down on us from afar, i don't see any end to this until people start taking secession seriously, ignoring unjust laws, and nullifying others which will likely draw the regime into an attempt to reassert its a-thori-tay. i pray i'm wrong.

  6. "Revolutionaries-true revolutionaries-are aggressive, ruthless and generally seize the main chance. But defenders of the status quo tend toward caution and legalisms and withhold action until it's too late." From "The Road to Guilford Courthouse"

    William Henry Drayton was able to end all Tory resistance in the South Carolina back country in a mere four months after the Boston Massacre in 1775. The Tory militia leaders Brown, Cunningham, Kirkland, Fletchall, etc while able leaders and not without numbers hesitated and lost. It would not be until 1780 before the the Tories would be able to raise their heads in any appreciable way.

  7. People are, in my opinion, much farther away from taking any sort of action than they were twenty, or even two, years ago. Temporary illusory victories gained through the political process seem to keep the vast majority of the so-called Right mollified. Defeats are rationalized away; the only resistance is passive.

    The vast majority of the occupants of the territory that used to be America still consider the current regime to be legitimate. Until that changes there is little hope of escape from its tyranny, except in the past.

  8. It seems to me that the III movement while alive, well and apparently growing will not start or initiate an 'assault' but will wait until Team Fed starts the trouble and there in lays the problem: Team Fed is not stupid and will draw out their end game until such time as the III movement becomes either too lazy, tired or otherwise unable to react. Sadly, this includes those out there who are aging out (that includes me) who could be trigger pullers but due to age related (physical) limitations can provide limited support.
    If, just if there is an 'event' (such as a financial collapse) that effects everyone in all locations, then - maybe just then we can begin the a renewal process but given the current snails pace, things (in my opinion) are not looking too good.

    1. Team Fed doesn't need an End Game; they just need to keep doing what they're doing. That action IS the goal; that's how looters and moochers think. On a brighter note, never underestimate the idiocy of idiots.

      Meanwhile the Good Guys will, as they must, take a strictly defensive posture. It's only a matter of time until they understand that "defensive" is NOT synonymous with "reactive"...hopefully at least a day before enough Tyrants understand it.

      Absolutely unassailable logic: Either this shit gets stopped or it doesn't.

  9. Leviathan is (generally) patient. Baring a case of dramatic overreach, I don't think there is likely to be a single day when patriots "assemble on the green". Sadly, I think each man will have to decide for himself, on his own timetable. Whether it's "nine meals from revolution" or nine letters from the IRS, or nine babies flash-banged, or nine months without work... It's all personal.
    So many turning points have come and gone, so many last straws, Fort Sumpters, Ruby Ridges, Wacos...

  10. The real question is, who will be the sacrificial pawn(s) from our side?
    Because without patriot blood spilled by leviathan, the vast majority of III will not leave the porch.

    It would have to be a well-controlled event - we would want the aggressor to be FED.GOV directly; and it must be well documented, ideally with multiple video and audio feeds.
    It would have to be everywhere replayed and recounted, time and again, to friend and foe alike. We would have to overwhelm the MSM background noise of 'everything is awesome' with it, and force them to play it themselves.

    One use would be as a stick, for every patriot group to tirelessly beat FED.GOV with, for both remonstrance and instigation, but it's greatest value is along the lines of a modern 'Remember the Alamo'. A self-validated call to action, and the inauguration of a justified state of No Quarter warfare against all leviathan.

    But who shall go? Who shall carry that grenade through the hail of bullets, to the gunslit in the enemy bunker, and cast it in?

    1. That's the ticket right there...It would have to be a planned event on our side so we could control how it went down...Take the Bundy example and times it by 10...Make it on an issue that if they back down it can easily be magnified by other Patriots and the issue can be won rather quickly... Then on too the next one...JMHO

    2. Yahssir. You take my meaning exceedingly well.
      An ambush of the grandest proportions...

      Praesto sum, Dominus.
      Numquid ego sum Domine?
      Audivi te Vocante de nocte.
      Sicut tu ducere, vade ego
      Memor ero populum tui in sinu meo.

    3. I am thinking of three main ones that would work because it would draw a large group of people to a common cause also the foe is one everyone hates even other government agencies... I'm guessing your thinking of the same thing...It would have to be in an area also that the sheriff of the county is pro freedom and the governor isn't a pussy and understands the 10th though as long as you have a good sheriff you should be alright...It would have to come almost to blows for the issue to be null and void or the other option is we would be at war...Its coming when people have nothing left to lose they will lose it and the blood will start flowing...Dumb motherfuckers don't know who their messing with...

    4. Methinks you are very on track, Jack.

      Contere dorsum eor
      nec furantur omnias armas.
      Cacarupta super omnias
      eat quae relinquendas esse.
      Atque postremo,
      volare nos et sicut ventos.

      Bonum tibi?


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