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Friday, April 24, 2015

Attendance on D-Day is Mandatory if you call yourself III

I would like everyone to take as much time as you may need to consider three essential points.

1) Without an Auxiliary with broad and deep skills, the III at the Green will not prevail.

2) Without the III at the Green, the Auxiliary will die.

3) Remember the very simple definition of what a III Patriot is - He or She is willing to run, walk or drag his arse to the Green when it becomes necessary.  By definition, the III Patriot means to be on the Green, whatever that may look like, to stand or fall in the opening volleys.

John Parker was suffering and dying of tuberculosis on April 19, 1775.  He died of that horrible disease by the fall.

Dying of tuberculosis at the age of 46 is NOT sufficient excuse to keep any of us off the Green - not if we call ourselves III.  If you are like me, by the age of 40+ you are well-past your 19-year-old prime physical condition.  You've probably broken yourself up at least a little over the years.  I've abused my body for decades in the martial.  But none of that excuses us from our Duty.  Indeed, if you are my age, you should already have come to terms with your mortality (something impossible for most 19 year olds) - giving us all that comfortable confidence of accepting that even if we fall, falling for a reason matters.

I am absolutely convinced that without a well-trained Auxiliary, winning this fight for Liberty is impossible.  I am equally convinced that every single one of us, old and young, broken and busted and healthy and vibrant, have an absolute Duty to make their way to the Green when that day arrives. 70 or so were on Lexington Green.  15,000 and more were in the game to chase the British back to Boston within 24 hours.

By whatever means necessary, you must be there when we hit DefCon Black.

By whatever means necessary, you must acquire as many of the Shoot, Move & Communicate skills as possible before that day arrives.  I do not care if you walk through a tactical training class.  Get the training.  I do not care if you currently can't hit the side of a barn with your sidearm - go learn to hit the barn, then get better through practice.  I do not care if you still need to lose weight - waiting until you hit your "goal weight" simply is not sufficient reason to postpone training.

Max is teaching people.  Matt has offered Lifetime Memberships to Front Sight in Vegas.  Sparks offers Comms training.  The sources for building skills, efficiency and proficiency are there, and affordable for anyone who wants it bad enough.  We will all know when it is time to 'Go'.   Between now and then, any excuse you may be using to avoid building your skills, is deficient.

I say this with all sincerity: Anyone not willing to stand and be counted on the Green on Day One has no claim to the title of III Patriot.

If you aren't there on Day One, I don't want to see you on Day Two.  If you are there on Day One, and for whatever reason you must take a knee and catch your breath on Day Two - I've got no beef, unless you are taking a knee because you squandered this time that is available to you.



  1. What's that bit about if not there on Day One...? To mobilize and arrive can take most of if not all of 24 hours. Besides, it may not be strategically sound for all to muster to a location selected by what may be the opposition. Especially so in a fluid environment. Too, your words on this point sound divisive.

    1. Anon: You are reading too literally and not comprehending the meaning..

      By definition, the III Patriot means to be on the Green, whatever that may look like, to stand or fall in the opening volleys.

      "...whatever that may look like..."

      If Bundy had gone hot and the rest of us had decided that was the day, and you had Patriots stepping off their porches in small groups from Miami to Minnesota to Modesto, there would not have been any formalized "Green" for you or me. It would/should have been "Grab your gear and go secure your AO and keep the Evil Fuckers from consolidating and concentrating resources."

      I agree that my words sound divisive, and that is because they are divisive. They are meant to alienate and drive-off anyone in this audience who talks/writes about "Not one more inch" and "If you try to take our guns we will kill you" who then surrender their weapons to LEO in a traffic stop. Such people will never do Hard Things.

      There is no place for such people in the III.

      Cheerleaders are great. But they are not III.

  2. That is about as succinct and from the heart as it can be put, K. So many 'talk the talk'; but won't 'walk the walk'. When it is time to take the keyboard off the lap and knuckle up; our brothers will be the ones with their shoulder against ours. Zero hour approaches, gentlemen. stormfriend sends

  3. K. Max's rant described it well. Nothing else to add to that. Everything else is secondary after weapons craft, PT and training.
    To quote from a recent Mosby post "So, if you see yourself in the auxiliary role, what should you be doing as far as equipment? If you're going to fight at all, you’d better be getting your ass in shape and trained up, or some meat-eating motherfucker like me—without a conscience though—is going to come, kill you, take your shit, fuck your wife, geld your sons, and sell them and your daughters into slavery. I don’t care if you’re “just concerned about your family.” Your family, by yourself ain’t gonna last ten fucking minutes. You'd better quit being an asshole, and start making friends and building a tribe that you can rely on." Enough said.

  4. Mosby's quote is spot on-if you care about your family at all-quit whining and get in shape,get training,get your preps in order including ammo and medical supplies-cuz it ain't gonna be like you see on tee vee-it's gonna be ugly,and a whole lot of people are gonna die during the fight.
    The better trained you are-the better chance you and yours have to live through it.
    You ain't gonna get anywhere without tribe-you have got to have like minded people that you an count on,and who can count on you.

    Since I was one of the guys involved in the too many of us are old and busted up comments-
    It doesn't mean the old guys aren't gonna fight-we are-we'll just most likely be among the first to die-so be it,but I'll damn sure take a few of opfor with me-and I'll do my best to take as many as possible with me-being old and busted up doesn't me we don't fight-it just means we don't fight fair because there's no such thing as a fair fight-there's only a winner and a loser-and I mean to be the winner for as long as I'm able.

    1. Exactly, GG. Our age has changed our perspective, not our intent. It means we're more resourceful in other ways, because we don't have the resource of youth anymore.
      And as far as determination goes? Yeah, the older I get, the *more* I want to see this done in my generation - I'm not leaving it for the next generation of my family to deal with!

  5. you should already have come to terms with your mortality (something impossible for most 19 year olds) - giving us all that comfortable confidence of accepting that even if we fall, falling for a reason matters.

    Well said.


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