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Friday, April 24, 2015

Gold & Silver

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]

[Most Recent Quotes from www.kitco.com]


Most of us believe the bullion markets are being heavily manipulated.  If we are correct, there is a reason.  You should take advantage of as many OpFor manipulations that help you as possible.

I don't know how much further they can/want to push gold and silver prices down.  My gut tells me we are at or near the bottom.  And when the bubble bursts, there's going to be one heck of a spike.

Use this as you will.



  1. Free Citizen here. Every month--buy something. It does not have to be a lot. Personally--I get some silver and some lead each month. I have bullet molds for every caliber the wife and I own, except for 223. I shoot the lead bullets and stockpile the jacketed.

  2. There's no doubt the metals market is being manipulated.
    The price of silver is right around the cost of mining and refining it.
    Here's one reason-the brokers selling paper gold have sold the certificates for the same bar of bullion multiple times,when those who own the paper want to come collect their bullion-there's gonna be a problem.
    I believe the brokers are trying to unfuck themselves at the lowest possible cost-then they'll be on to the next scam.


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