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Friday, April 24, 2015

Three Headlines that Reveal Why Civil War is Imminent

One: Judge [Ohio] Prohibits Mentioning Constitution in Court - Here

Two: Tennessee Set to Stop Cooperating With Federal Disarmament Efforts - Here

Three: North Carolina Senate Passed Bill Nullifying EPA Regulations on Wood-burning Stoves - Here

.Gov has done precisely what we were warned was the nature of all government - it has encroached to the point that Americans are being told in all matters when to reap and when to sow, and we are all wanting for bread.

From wood stoves to firearms to window tinting on vehicles, how long one's grass may be on their own property (which is no longer ours, but a rental from the State), to the very mentioning of the Constitution in defense of oneself in an American court, the tyranny on display is inescapable to anyone who has the mettle and courage to see the country for what it has become.

Learn to Shoot, Move & Communicate.  Improve those skills.  Build your Auxiliary.  Build your prep piles.  Accept that there is going to be a fight and that if we do not win, we will all be dead, or worse, come under the lashes and whips that will make today seem like true freedom.

Commander's Intent: Restoration of Rightful Liberty

Standing Orders of the III Percent:

I: Stand Your Ground

II: Do Not Fire Unless Fired Upon

III: If They Mean To Have A War, Let It Begin Here

IV: In The Absence Of Orders, Go Find Something Evil And Kill It



  1. There remains no question as to the timing; it is now.
    The breach is already wrought, and every day it widens further, immolating everything before it. Tyrants of every grade and measure impose their abusive wills upon the people, funded and sanctioned by the greedy and licentious horde which inhabits the deep shadows of a corrupt society.
    What bastion of liberty or virtue remains untoppled? If there remains any at all, it is in us, though we be but a small minority of the people.
    If we shall not act, then inaction shall be the cause of death to our entire society, and the virtues we revere shall be wholly submerged.

    The time indeed is now.


  2. "What bastion of liberty or virtue remains untoppled?"

    Ha, we could save a lot of time talking about those. Much fewer, huh?

    K, change "Commander's Intent" to "Intent of Mission" and IMO it's nearly perfect. A Commander's gotta have a name, or at least my Commander will.

    As a famed email said with regard to #4 ever being decided, "I wouldn't want to be working for the state on that day."

    Hopefully any rational ones will figure that out before. Hopefully all decent folk will come to recognize that "absence of orders" means "choose." Choose WIN!


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