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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Charm City LEO Throws Rock BACK! Wants his damned Twinkies!

Folks - you should be watching Baltimore through the lens of Liberty Strategist and Tactician.

Forget the social arguments.

This is coming everywhere, and LEO won't be throwing bricks.

Fat Boy LEO in the picture above?  He'll be eaten (or stroke-out) as part of the first wave die-off, as will most like him.  Here's the link.

You are watching the opening rounds of what will be a humdinger fight.

Pay attention.

**Intel Report Claims Gangs May Target LEO Nationally** Here.


**Note** I will have more tonight, here and Unseen.  Busy day.


  1. I was watching the live feed (on CNN) at the moment
    it happened.
    NUMEROUS officers were returning fire with rocks,
    as they desperately conducted a fighting retreat.
    They were completely routed from the small side street
    where the rock fight occurred.
    There is footage of that fight from two angles: the aerial footage
    that has been "sliced and diced," which is what I watched live and
    showed no less than six officers returning rock fire simultaneously and
    ended in a complete rout. The other footage is from behind the police, back towards the area where the unconscious officer was eventually evacuated. The footage was also extremely intense (and revealing), as it showed a WAVE of rocks in the air and arching (center of mass) into the retreating police.

  2. Twinkie suckers will not last long, when there is no backup and their paychecks do not clear the bank.

    Soon, cops "will work for food".

    On that day, what will you be doing?

    Choices have consequences; and you are making choices right now.

    Choose wisely, and with an honest acceptance of what is coming. It is inevitable.

    They have ensured that no safe exits will remain. And they have told us quite clearly that they intend to burn it all down...


  3. From Zerohedge: a live ustream channel playing Baltimore police and fire comms: ustream.tv/channel/no-thiefs-allowed


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