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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Do you know your Sheriff?

Have you ever met him?

Handle your business.  I think we all agree that the Office of the Sheriff is Constitutionally significant.

We need every ally we can get.  And your Sheriff may just need you, too, at some ugly point in our future.

The one group of people wearing badges and guns for a living in America that I do not immediately IFF as likely enemies, are elected Sheriffs.  Each one is a case-by-case determination.

At least a few in Oregon have balls.  Here's the piece.

Your mileage may vary.



  1. It should be noted that in some counties, voters have allowed for the constitutional office of sheriff to be relegated to prisoner transport and delivering legal papers. In lieu thereof, they've voted away their protections and allowed for the sheriff's duties to be handled by county "police", where the leader (chief) is appointed by political types and not the people. So although the position exists there's going to be conflicts with the more connected and powerful appointed chief. Still, finding out their mettle and where their loyalties lie is good practice.


  2. The sheriff hereabouts is an enemy of liberty. Never met him, just see the results of what he does. He's all about violating the rights of the people to choose what to put into their body and to carry weapons with which to defend that body.

  3. Our sheriff race tends to just be a popularity contest and they tend to be corrupt. One guy running for sheriff brought up the fact that he is the son of our only sheriff in 35 years not to be indicted for criminal charges

  4. Yes, I know mine. He just recently took office. He had been the sheriff prior some years back. In my opinion he did a pretty good job, but he had a some baggage that haunted him to a degree in the fall election. When he came to ask for my vote, I specifically drilled him on gun confiscation, federalization of LEO, militarization of LEO, etc. He told me what I wanted to hear in all areas.I also told him most folks didn't like deputies writing traffic citations, etc. and that under the Alabama Constitution the sheriff's duties were serving writs and minding the jail. He agreed. I also told him I nor did many in my county like deputies wearing camouflage and shooting radar from patrol cars. He is a little "old school" and said he would not have any Rambo types working for him. To my surprise since he took office all but the investigator wear traditional uniforms and he has taken radar guns out of the patrol cars. Yes there are rouge LEOs out there, but for the most part in rural areas such as where I live, they are good lawmen and they and their families have to live among their constituents. They do not have the anonymity of the larger counties and metro areas. One last note, his opponent was every bit as solid if not more so in some areas.

  5. Sheriff David Clark of Milwaukee Wi.
    Very nice guy met him and his beautiful wife having dinner at a local bar and grill


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