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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

North American Liberty Games: Dangers of Jumping the Shark

We recently received a report from FireHawk at WRAM that turned out to be dangerously bad information.

Dave Hodges at the Common Sense Show appears to be doing the same.  Here is his report on the Midland, Texas WalMart, closed recently for 'plumbing repairs'.  He claims extraordinary .Mil & .Gov presence, frightened 'sources', and so forth.

Information I have received from a Patriot to whom I would entrust my life, who has decades of personal ties in Midland, refutes the above report.  Indeed, the video featured in the Common Sense 'report' does not even feature the correct WalMart store.

Some of you are self-aware enough to realize you are susceptible to hyperbolic and gratuitous assertions, that you may be hard-wired to accept the worst-case in many instances.  Some of you are not that self-aware, but just as susceptible.  That doesn't mean you are in any way less patriotic or dedicated - it simply means you are hard-wired in a fashion that may make you vulnerable to speculation.  (I am hard-wired to be too trusting.  It bites me in the ass routinely.  Go figure.)

The Liberty Games are not games.  I am sad to say that I become more convinced with every headline that CONUS will soon see violence related to Liberty and Tyranny on a level that saturates every neighborhood.  The quantity of violence in our 1860's Liberty Games, whether measured in raw numbers or percentages, will be seen by historians as modest by comparison - and that is saying something profoundly disgusting.

America is about to be Fundamentally Transformed from what we have known Her to be - one way or another.  Liberty will prevail, or Liberty will perish completely.  There will be no middle-ground, at least not for anyone alive today.

I am going to plead with everyone reading this post to consider Roger's Order #4: Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don't never lie to a Ranger or officer.

Live by that order and hold even your closest allies to that standard.  

And when you come across some "ally" who is jumping the shark, for whatever reason, put him down.  Whether you do so figuratively or literally is your call.  Just remember - people will die because other people peddle bad information, knowingly.  Weigh that as you will.

I have no tolerance for it.



  1. I am a regular reader of Hodges. Was he too quick to trust a source or is he spreading disinfo?

    1. Not sure. I have seen solid work there, and I have seen some that made me raise an eyebrow. This one looks like a clear case of jumping the shark - but I won't go so far at this moment to write him off totally. I have to see what trend becomes dominant.

    2. Spreading disinfo pure and simple. Hodges cites the wrong store location as being the Walmart that closed on Midland Drive. Claiming both military and DHS personnel and vehicles on WalMart Midland Drive parking lot. There have been no (zero) military or DHS observed at the Midland Drive location. Claiming reconstruction. No reconstruction. Only vehicles on location are a local security company, Midland police vehicles occasionally and local plumbing company vehicles. First hand from local plumbers on location: there are problems, but of a minor scale. Definitely not six months of repairs. The Walmart Pharmacy on Midland Dr. was open for two weeks following the closure of the store. First hand: Nothing occurring inside of building except products being removed and sent to the other Walmart location in Midland on Interstate 20. When Hodges confronted with emails concerning this, his only responses were snarky. If Hodges was interested in the truth, he needs to go to Midland and research the truth. Just use discernment when viewing info at Hodges website.

  2. If you want to understand the reality of managing bad information sources (and loose cannons) by an insurgency, look to the IRA. They gave one warning, and it generally included a good beating to ensure it was understood.

    After that, such misconduct put your blood on your own hands.


    Every community needs an immune system to survive.


    1. And a heavy dose of Penicillin if it becomes compromised...;)

    2. antibiotics in appropriate calibers, brothers. discernment is critical, but heaven help you if me and mine come to harm due to it... heaven help you, should He choose to, because I won't. stormfriend

    3. I shall choose disgrace
      where obedience does not bring honour;
      and when evil bids me stand fast,
      I shall go running to the battle and engage...
      for such is the power of indignant rage.

      That honor raised be honor met,
      and so that death not forget;
      for while honor rules the hearts of men,
      dignity shall rise, again.

      But if honor should forgotten, die,
      then tyranny shall hold all nigh;
      and Grace be set aside by men,
      the Lord shall Judge all wanting, then -

      And as Sodom fell afore,
      burning Judgement shall come the more;
      and Lot may take his leave of us,
      the fire will come,
      burning justice like coals upon us.
      We have, indeed, been warned.
      The battle is engaged, now.
      And Grace is set aside by most
      Thus is Judgement is nigh upon us.

  3. That transparency is a two-edged sword, about 75% sharper on the FREEFOR side.

    And hear, hear LT; important stuff. Triple it for treason or betrayal.

  4. Agreed, JK. Treason *is* corruption of blood, and any man who would contemplate such a violation ought to know that his family shall suffer for his actions...


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