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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Salon: Burning police cars and destroying private property is a legitimate political strategy

If any Patriot disagrees with Salon on that premise, please turn-in your card.

We may disagree with Salon-fucktards on who may be targeted with such tactics, and why, but we agree that the tactics are legitimate.  At least if you accept the CV & LGoP models of Resistance.

Americans kicked a King and his minions to the curb using those very tactics.

Here's the piece at Twitchy.



  1. I have said it before, and it bears repeating -

    Selective Targeting

    For two reasons -
    1. you can't kill every sonofabitch whose character it would improve; and
    2. Our legitimate purpose is to halt the encroachment of our rights, and the restoration of liberty for as many Americans as possible

    They can't enjoy liberty if they're dead, any more than you can.

    For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. -- ECC 12:14


  2. Make them walk

    Keeps them humble


  3. "Legitimacy" is a funny word, that boils down to "whatever I can get away with". As all governments have shown, it has nothing to do with virtue. So yeah, it's legitimate. Whether it advances one's ends is another question. Personally, I never thought burning a police car was illegitimate, or even wrong. Private property on the other hand...

    1. What about burning the private property of our modern Governor Hutchinsons?

      Afterall, everything owned by "Public Sector Employees" is ultimately purchased with tax dollars - money stolen by threat of violence from Citizens. Just because they "earn" it in the form of a paycheck - it's still stolen and redistributed money.

  4. Burning police cars...sure. That's directed at the oppressor, however founded or unfounded it may be. Destruction of private property...not so much. If you're referencing the Boston Tea Party, they were protesting the Stamp Act as symbolized by the tea tax, so it was a legitimate target in that particular case. Given that the East India Tea Company had a British government granted monopoly, one could also make the argument that they were a quasi-governmental entity anyhow...the lines are blurry there. In general however, I would not accept that destruction of private property is appropriate at all times and places.

    1. ...that destruction of private property is appropriate at all times and places.

      Nor would I, at all times and places.

      But I hold any private property held by Enemies of Liberty, during hostilities, is a fair target.


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