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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Orchestrated "Conflict" ramping up with Iran

I hope everyone is able to easily connect the dots regarding what is taking place with Iran.

Recent State-level talks.  Many opportunities for back-room discussions between a US .Gov that is sympathetic to the Iranian Regime and ideals and unsympathetic to America.  Everyone leaves the talks in a huff.  Suddenly, Iran moves warships into an area they have no real interest, on a matter that doesn't affect them - then they "fire on and capture" a US-owned cargo ship, with crew.

Instant casus belli.

End Game?  Beats me, I don't often try to get into the heads of insane narcissists with compound-megalomania and decipher the minutia circulating in their dangerous and deluded minds.  

But I remember my Churchill, and find it fits: I cannot forecast to you the action of Russia. It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key. That key is Russian national interest.  

Change ...national interest... to ...whatever sick-twisted-fuck-personal-goals that might be in the diseased mind(s)... and we can probably take a WAG and get close.

War. Extirpation of all remnants of Western Civilization in North America.  Fundamental Transformation.  It isn't like they tried to keep it all a secret.

Here's the piece on the cargo ship.

Folks, it's on.  The Enemies of Liberty intend to be done with us before November 2016.

Prepare to defend yourselves.



  1. The shit and the fan have been brought very close together.
    Close enough that, when the actual moment comes, there will be precious little warning available to little guys like you and I.
    Make you preps good, and do everything you can to punch those important survival items off your to-do list. Now. Today.

    For tomorrow may be too late.

    1. If I had to bet, I'd say some whiz-kid in our administration looked at the Carter/Reagan Iran hostage SNAFU and thought "You know, if we had that sort of thing happen, it is a crisis we wouldn't let go to waste!"

      I am becoming a cynic.

    2. I became a cynic long ago. Recovery is an ongoing process. They have blurred every line, perverted every office, and deformed every issue to the point that you cannot ever interpret a single action as such. Everything must be evaluated in the much larger context of what we know they are working to achieve.
      Problem is, that way leads down, because of the attractive trap of loosing our objectivity.

      Wars are fought and won, first in the mind, and only then on the battlefield.
      Those who do not keep a clear head, have already lost.

  2. They realize that they need a certain set of conditions, which nature itself would never actually assemble for them. Therefore, they contrive, manipulate, twist, and corrupt; just to see that set of conditions brought into being.

    They are too proud of their own ideas to contemplate why such a set of conditions would never come about naturally...

    And they do not care about suffering; nor do they contemplate death as anything other than a means of silencing their enemies. Then again, what should we expect from those so proud and obscene as to deny and fight against the Natural Law in every possible regard?


    When we win, ever last one of these faggots will have to be driven out -
    banishment and exile.
    And if they will not go,
    then let the blood flow.

    Such they have declared,
    and such we are obliged to observe.
    No, it will not be easy.
    Nothing worth doing ever is...


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