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Monday, April 6, 2015

China's New "Eastern Provinces" - from Seattle to San Diego...

Liberty For All in Washington State recently showed up and forced their State officials to take down a Red Communist flag that had been raised "...in honor of a visiting ambassador...".

First Point: Good on Liberty for All.  THAT is Leadership.  By all accounts, the decision to confront the flag issue came from within the organization, was executed by the organization, and is without any doubt a solid, serious win.  They defined their mission and completed their mission as stated.  End of story.  Well done.

Second Point: This is a much bigger topic, one that should be a concern of every Patriot in America.  Not even in Washington DC do politicians hoist Commie flags when delegations are visiting various agencies.  So as we counsel all Patriots on every issue - let's examine the premise of why the politicians and/or bureaucrats involved in the decision to fly the ChiCom flag on the grounds of the state Capitol would take such a decision.

I think the obvious speaks loudly - the people involved chose to fly the flag because they have no problem with it.  That is a political issue for the citizens of Washington State to address.  So, if the Pols/Bureaucrats have no problem flying the flag, and did so to "honor" a ChiCom Ambassador, one must consider that the people involved find the politics of the Ambassador to be "Honorable".  Once again, that is mostly a political issue for the people of Washington State to handle.

But let's climb in altitude for a better look at the geo-political landscape involved.  The west coast is the closest relevant spot we have to China.  We know the Chinese are deliberately populating the west coast, seeding it with adults and running baby mills to ensure little Chinese fuckers get American citizenship as they slide out of the womb.  We know from a tactical and strategic vantage, China would see the west coast as a beachhead in any conventional fight.  We know that the ChiComs nearly won control of Long Beach a few decades ago, facilitated by other politicians/bureaucrats who saw no problem with such a government having such a presence in SoCal.  We know they already control the Panama Canal, so if they managed to control the western seaports and the canal, America west of the Rockies would be in a LOT of trouble in a conventional ruckus.

Look at the population centers of the west coast.  From a political philosophy perspective, is there anywhere on the seacoast that would seriously object to shiploads of ChiComs arriving suddenly in every harbor - except for San Diego/Coronado?  (I mean the actual Naval Base, not the city.  The city would be fine with it...)  From Los Angeles to San Francisco to Seattle, ChiCom boots would not begin to hit any real politically-motivated challengers until they hit the Cascades in Washington and Kenny's house in Northern Cali.  In Southern Cali they wouldn't meet any resistance until, probably, somewhere in Nevada or Arizona.

Examine the premise.  Is it even remotely possible that the presence of the ChiCom flag was more than merely welcoming a single Ambassador?  Does it not signal to the ChiCom's that, at least the pols/bureaucrats in Seattle are willing to partner with them at a much more significant level than merely trade?  Does anyone truly believe that the politicians and bureaucrats in Seattle would pick up rifles to defend their citizens from "aggressive" ChiCom "friends" - or would they more likely volunteer to help administer the new "Eastern Province"?

No, I am not suggesting that the presence of the ChiCom flag was some sort of secret-squirrel signal to the ChiComs that the invasion could commence.

But I am declaring that the politicians and bureaucrats along our western seacoast would not really mind such an invasion...

Think bigger, Patriots.  American politics is about much more than American politicians merely controlling American Citizens.  If you do not believe that there is a very large majority of American politicians and bureaucrats who are willing to help fundamentally change the global political paradigm to Red - then I can't help you.

Here's the LfA piece.



  1. Hey Kerodin,


    I have not posted here in a while but I do read this blog. I wanted to say that I don't always agree with you, but you do make me think' and for that I thank you.

    On this post about American elected leaders 'kowtowing' to Chinease leaders, you hit the nail right on the head.

    It seems very plausible that if the Red Army were to make a beachhead on the West Coast it would have to be an 'invitation only event' curtesy of D.C. I would guess that many west coast govenors and mayors will be but figureheads when the Red Army asserts control. Reminds me of France's capitulation to the Nazi's in WW2. Mass roundups, executions, maybe a few Hollywood prima donna's will meet their end in a mass grave.

    History always repeats itself.

    On a sidenote; I would like to see the movie 'Kenny versus The Red Army'
    I have no doubt he and Charlie (the dog) would give 'em hell in the Sierra Nevada's (Red Dawn on Steroids)

  2. Politicians are all whores, they will sell them selves to whom ever has the most money or power. China is the new economic power house of the 21st century and it is natural for these whores to bend over to China. Patriots must understand that every one of them, from dog catcher on down to potus are our enemy. I am not an Anarchist. I believe the original government under the Constitution minus the whores, is what we are fighting for but before we can accomplish America 2.0, we will need to grow a moral backbone. Ask your self this, when was the last time you experienced Righteous Indignation ?

    1. "Ask your self this, when was the last time you experienced Righteous Indignation?"

      Yesterday! I went and got my taxes done. No, seriously.

  3. Couple that with the moronic secessionist Texan that went to Russia looking for a handout. Listen carefully to so called "patriots" that sound amazingly like a ragheads. Note also the critical views of immigrants, people we let in.

    It's gonna be a rockin' good time if the fuse ever gets lit.

  4. You know this was a HUGE victory when the commie loving, libtards feel they have to spin this as nothing more than SOP.


    IF what this blogger writes is true (very doubtful) then I say this is an even bigger win than if they had torn it down and burned it. By seizing the opportunity to define the narrative of what happened was brilliant! Something akin to Paul Reveres Boston Massacre engraving. By having the foresight to take part in this and record it should be seen as how to take nothing and mold it into a win. Liberty propaganda at it's best. Now THAT is leadership! Way to go LfA.

  5. Emily, there is plenty of righteous indignation among those of us who recognize what is really going on - patriots, (truly conservative) pastors, and those who simply want to be left alone to live their lives without interference, are all experiencing a growing level of truly righteous indignation. The question is, when will this justified anger move from the passive to the active sphere?

    At what moment will it finally precipitate positive action, for surely it is already actionable.

    Unquestionably we are witnessing small oblations, here and there, precursors; but the air is pregnant with a much larger impetus, and so very many of us are but awaiting that catalytic moment, when a multitude of small potential somethings coalesce into a momentous and singular rupture which admits the deluge.

    The storm clouds are dense over the entire world, and the energy is palpable... we are but waiting for the first strike of lightening to proclaim the advent of the inevitable.

    The stage is set, the actors are all in place; and as with anything, the birth of this next age of man shall begin with a bloody show.

    Even so, come swiftly...

    1. Here, here LT well said. But let us also identify and differentiate the performers in this opera. We, 'rightly so' tend to focus on our opposition, we see it as only two parties in this war. There is a third actor we mistakenly ignore. The great unwashed, the thumb suckers who stand-by and have no concept of what is real in this world. We must remember that they are the majority in this country, They will be a moving obstacle which we must deal with. It won't be enough to fight and defeat our enemy, we must understand the horrendous burden that will befall us when we win.

    2. The force of reality will be our greatest ally in dealing with the ignorant masses. Time and necessity will separate the goats from the sheep - because regardless of all our tolerance and patience, Leviathan shall be ruthless in forcing people to choose.

      At the very cusp, there shall be only three distinctions among mankind - those who side with God, those who side with Leviathan, and the dead... and their quantities will quite likely ascend in that order, as well.


  6. Et qui susceperit,
    Dat virtutem potestatum


  7. It's funny to me how people are stuck in the paradigm of one nation against another. Maybe someone's working on a new paradigm. Maybe they don't care about the flags cuz flags don't mean anything any more...cuz nations don't mean anything any more. In their minds, it's one big global happy family.

    I mean sheesh, it's been a quarter century already since Bush the Elder said it straight out---there's going to be a New World Order. Maybe this one time a politician was telling the truth.

    Personally I couldn't believe we participated in the Olympics over there, but it didn't seem to bother too many others. Yeah, play global games with Tyrannies over in a slave state. Sounds legit.

  8. Flags; Olympic games; They are keeping everyone distracted while they play for the higest stakes of all - the 'commodity value' of every nation on Earth.
    As I explained nearly 2 years ago -
    It begins in the Japanese bond and derivative markets, and after that it cascades across the continent back to Europe, and anywhere else that debt exceeds an ever shrinking manageability level. Once Europe is fully enveloped in this credit crisis, expect America to follow suit soon thereafter, probably within six weeks. Interest rates on Bonds will skyrocket, leading to increases in interest rates for Residential and Commercial Property Mortgages. Soon interest will have to increase on all loans, including inter-bank lending. Once Basel III is thrown into the mix, there will be credit freezes due to decreased leverage and increased capital requirement for banks. Banks are no longer allowed to expand their way out of trouble, that’s too dangerous now, too many rogue elements out there for that.
    Civil unrest follows as people lose their entire life’s work in a matter of weeks. People are demanding a solution to this economic disaster; they are demanding that the same system that put them into this mess be saved so that they can save something, anything, after the fall. Unemployment skyrockets as companies lose market share and credit markets dry up. It’s murder and mayhem, cities are burning, some are even claiming it’s Armageddon.


    The timing is very "fluid", but the outcome is firmly fixed - they want it all, and they have already established the "legal" framework to seize it from us. The only step remaining is the actual day of DOING it...



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