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Monday, April 6, 2015

Tyranny begets tyranny

I have not done any sort of research, but is my impression correct that the most egregious LEO abuse tends to come from the places with the most tyrannical .Gov and most restrictive 2A laws in place?

Here's one from Illinois.

Stay out of Illinois, folks.

There was a time when LEO behaved like Human Beings, because that's the way it was.  Then they behaved because they never knew if the guy they were stopping might be armed.  Then they behaved because they feared rebuke from the courts if they abused a Citizen.  Now, LEO doesn't fear you, their bosses, or the courts.  Look at the result.


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  1. "one bullet struck the 17-year-old in the left back and penetrated his heart, spleen and liver"

    There is only one trajectory which facilitates a bullet striking both the heart and liver - the shooter must be standing about 12-16 feet from the victim of the shooting, and the victim must be laying prone on the ground, with his head towards the shooter, and **face fully lowered to the ground** (otherwise, the head would be struck first by the bullet, instead of the persons back).

    In such a position, the bullet would enter the base of the neck, just to the left of the spine, puncture the heart and pass through the lower end of the pericardium, then proceed through the spleen and into the superior aspect of the left lobe of the liver.


    That boy was laying face down, and 'eating dirt' at the time he was shot. Can't be much more submissive than that, can ya?!?
    As such, that cop is a murderer, plain and simple.

    That pig should be hauled out and hung, directly in front of the police station, bowels out, and his body should be left hanging there for at least a week, as a reminder to every other officer on the force of what happens to those who commit murder while wearing a badge.

    Anything less is an obscene miscarriage of Justice.


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