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Monday, April 6, 2015

NC PatCon - T minus One Month

One month until NC PatCon!

Registration ends in just under 2 weeks - make sure you get your name on the list with Brock.

If you can be there, you should be there, folks.  If Patriots would hold just one such event each month, across the country, you'd see the Liberty Movement begin to grow, right before your eyes.

Brock has North Carolina covered (which includes everyone east of the Mississippi, if you ask me). July is covered in the Mountain Northwest.  Who among you will do June? August? September?  It doesn't take much money, and those who attend can pass the hat and help defray any minimal costs.  But the value of such gatherings is simply not quantifiable.  If you want to see how it is done before launching one for yourself - be at Brock's place.

Here's the link.


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