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Thursday, April 30, 2015

CPX Jackson: May Day

May 1 is known to Red genetic waste as 'May Day'.  

Sparks31 offered a way to send signals to our Domestic Enemies that they are not alone, they will not be unchallenged.  The signal is subtle.  It will be missed by most of the Red mouth-breathers among us.  But deep in their caverns of Police State gear, some will hear the blip.  Some will know that nothing in life is free - especially if what you want to do is murder Liberty.

Some men will make you pay a heavy price.

CPX Jackson is a rattlesnake giving one more soft warning, before you step into the range of his fangs.  The beauty is, to those in OpFor who will hear the blip, or be told of the blip - they already know they are within range of the fangs and venom.

When we will strike is our decision.  And in the deepest part of their primal Lizard Brains, they know it, and they fear, even if their Ego will not permit those fears to bubble into the consciousness.

Here's the link.


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