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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WaPo: Prisoner in van said Freddie Gray was ‘trying to injure himself,’ document says

Let me explain how this works.

Dude in the van gets pulled aside.  It is explained what he "needed to have seen".  If he plays ball, his charges get reduced or eliminated or they plead him out.  If he doesn't play ball, he gets hit with a stack of charges.  He gets threatened with conspiracy charges for his wife, mom and little dog, too.  He gets put into the worst possible spots while waiting for court, and his fellow convicts learn that he is a snitch who snitches, when he isn't fondling puppies and babies.

If you think I am exaggerating, you really have no idea how our "Justice System" really works.

WaPo, here.

The same WaPo that condemned the mother (post is below) who slapped her son all the way home from the riots as a bad parent who abuses black children - here.

I hope your IFF targeting matrix includes the 4th Estate.  If not, you are leaving way too many Red Fucks on the field.



  1. Hey Kerodin,


    I remember when the '4th Estate" was sorely needed and the media was 'somewhat fair' and let the story speak for itself.
    I also remember when everyone from 'Yasser Arafat' assorted African warlords, and tin pot rulers of third rate countries and their minions with AK's respected and even protected the media because they wanted too get their message or agenda out.

    Thanks to Go Pro cams, youtube, twitter and everything else. The media has become expendable and now that they have their social political agenda, the media may become a target of opportunity (Just ask Laura Logan and her gross underestimation of mob behavior)

    On one note, a great many, many years ago when I was a lad of about 11 or 12. Myself and some friends found some paint thinner at a construction site. We thought we were being funny when we another kid had a cigarette lighter and we burned down a porta potty at a construction site.
    My mother found out a very short time later and she found me hiding at the construction site and picked up a board and proceeded to beat me with the board extinguishing my future career as and arsonist.

    I admire that lady that found her son at the riots and was slapping him around a little. He deserved every little bit and more. There's a good chance that, that young man may wind up and asset to his community and not a statistic in the criminal justice system.

  2. Most people have no idea what happens, when a man is sucked into the nether-world of the "corrections system", K.

    Play ball, or we'll put you in with that nasty bunch over there - the ones whose skin-color and inclinations run towards killing people like you. Play ball, and we'll give you an easy ride over in that cell-block, where you will have friends, safety, and even a bit of comfort.

    And what few would refuse, knowing that the alternative is hard time? Because it is hard time, indeed, when you must be on guard ever second of every day, knowing that you will probably not make it out alive, no matter how strong and vigilant you are. Knowing that any act of defense you engage in will but earn you more time under the same, or even worse conditions...

    Now, understand that this is what they intend to transform the entire country into. Playball, or we'll relocate your family to a place where you are in the minority, a place where school will be hell for your kids, and your wife will fear to leave the house for what will be done to her.

    Yeah, they mean to do it like THAT.



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