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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Google is SkyNet - HK Birthday

It is HK's birthday (Happy Birthday, H!) - so she told me Google gave her a special header this morning.

She says it has happened in years-past.  I checked - Google gave me the standard header.

I know many of the ways they keep tabs.  I know they tailor ads based on searches and content you consume.  I get all that.

This one creeps me out.  Will we break the internet if we kill Google?  ;)



  1. Happy B-Day H! Are you guys going to do anything fun?

    1. We celebrate birthdays for a week around here -- something H instituted early in our relationship. Each dog has already given her a birthday present (they ordered from Amazon). Tomorrow she has an out-day with Miss Violet, with a super-secret agenda. We'll see what the rest of the week holds -- assuming I don't have to bail them out. ;)

    2. Your dogs ordered presents from Amazon?
      My dogs prefer eBay for some reason. Oh well, to each his own. ;)
      Holly have fun with Miss V.
      Should we start a gofundme to provide bail money? :)

  2. Hey Kerodin'


    Pardon me for posting off topic' Kerodin.

    I'm have been doing some thinking after viewing a few video's from the 1960's protests, marches and riots.
    I also listen to music from the 1960's even though I was born in the late 1960's and I grew up on classic rock from the 1960's and listened to Bob Dillon, Jimi Hendrix and everything else under from that era.

    I had an epiphany of sorts realizing the 'tables have turned' The radicals of the 60's have become the establishment. Big Brother and all the things that they fought, protested and rioted over in Chicago in the summer of '68, Ohio State Massacre, ten year war in Veit Nam and everything else.

    Now they (Hippes from the 1960's) are in the 'Evil Empire"

    Hillary Clinton has become "The Man" The tech (Hippe) guru's that started Apple in the 70's have tied us all in a colossus of the Big Brother control grid.

    its all coming to pass.. Maybe Bill Ayers and his group's (Weather Underground) goals of wiping out 25 million Americans plans are all slowly coming to play 40 years later.

    Now its interesting that the shoe's on the other foot. I wonder how many Senior Citizens that were beatnik's and Hippe's realize that they sown the seeds of their country's destruction throughout their lives. If they have any children. Those children now are slaves to government debt and the grandchildren and great grandchildren could very well live lives similar like East Germans did during the Cold War under the Stazi in what is left of America.

    Like you said Kerodin' History always repeats itself, because Motherfuckers don't listen.

  3. TD we're good on bail money but a fund so we can eat at the Thai restaurant on a regular basis would be appreciated. LOL! ;-)


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