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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Washington Times: Interesting Gun Snippet

The Washington Times put together one of those slide shows naming the "21 best guns for home defense".

4 interesting points:

1) 2 ARs made the list - the Tavor and the AR15

2) The list did not include any .45 ACP firearms

3) The #4 selection was the S&W Model 41

4) Not one version of the 1911 made the list.

If I had to bet, I'd say it was an advertiser-driven list.

But I'm a cynic.



  1. Glock 30S (.45 Auto), is #19 on List


  2. C'mon K, it's the Washington Times. I'm surprised the top 5 weren't squirt guns... Nobody there would know a 1911 from an eggplant. An AR for HD....major blonde moment...my list would be Mr. 870 and Sam Colt. the other 19 slots don't even count.

    1. Agreed. If the topic is *strictly* Home Defense, then a shotgun with good capacity and a pistol are the order of the moment.

      But as soon as you go beyond your front door, a rifle becomes the requisite instrument of force. Period. If you can't engage a target at a minimum of 300 yards, then you have the wrong tool in your hands, and/or you need more training...

  3. The Tavor IS NOT an AR . The only "AR" parts in the rifle are the mag and 5.56 ammo. "AR" only refers to firearms designed by Eugene Stoner, and the Tavor was designed about 30 years after Stoner died.--Ray


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