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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Florida Streetlamps

They are calling Florida part of the 'Pilot Program'.

They can call it whatever they want - but some folks in the DC Metro know this is not the first bit of this technology put into the field.

But now, it is coming to your AO.

I will once more counsel you: Never assume you are not being watched, by someone or something.

That doesn't mean you see lions and tigers and bears, oh my, behind every blade of grass.  It simply means, do what you are going to do, just be aware you may not be as secret-squirrel as you'd like to think.



  1. Just another reason to not live in places like that... Its just another nail in the coffin for folks that live there...

  2. brother, that right there is part of the incentivizing you and I speak of... like we've discussed - out of the killbox. If that's where they're trying to keep us, that's where we're leaving... and heaven help them that get in the way... stormfriend


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