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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Haxo & Oughtsix

Haxo & Oughtsix: Here's the reply you two requested over at WRSA.  

I do not recall having met either of you, ever, at an event.  Hell, your hero blames airlines, a rental car company, DHS and God for his own No Show to one of his own events where I was going to meet him.  The good people who paid his freight lost well over $1500 as a result.  Consider this for whatever it may be worth.

Ought-six - mea culpa, really?  You think I owe you or anyone else an apology for a beef between me and the Feds?  Fuck You.  Sideways.  

Instead of typing on keyboards, why don't you two go out there and get into the mix and risk catching your own cases.  Don't worry, I won't be the guy demanding a mea culpa from you when the local US Attorney tells us all the wrong things you did to earn their wrath.

Little Red Mikey V will be a good Commie, one day.  Until then, Mother Nature is eating him one cell at a time. From what I hear, it sounds painful as fuck.  I have no complaints.  The sooner folks like you & Haxo, who perpetually go through life with your heads being deprived oxygen by your sphincters, do something constructive or take your own dirt naps, the sooner Team Liberty can move forward.  It's Patriot's Day weekend, guys - do something useful for Liberty.

Happy Patriot's Day weekend.



  1. I don't "know" either of the gents you refer to, I know who Mike is, I've read you but we've never met - yet - (July is coming, talk to lineman) but here's Grandpa again. And if this makes anyone angry, ask yourself why... "We" as whoever we label ourselves to be, are (trust me in this) about to be pushed into embarking on the most fucked up watershed moment in the history of this republic. Personally, I don't give a fuck about all this bullshit. I don't have time for it and you don't either. K, from what I've read, you are a potential brother in arms. If you or anyone else doesn't back up your shit that's on you. I will trust you are who you say you are until you show me otherwise. But don't let others drag you down to their level. Ignore them. I have spent more time doing and less time talking, and that is really where we are now. At damn near 60 I am not too far from the recon devil dog I was in Hue. My quals are kept current. My brother, please... Here's the squeeze: less yammerin' and more hammerin'. Don't let yourself be drawn into or distracted by the "noise". It is what it is. The truth? You know what I think? It don't matter what I think. Want bona fides? Ask brother lineman how to ctc, email or phone - he's got both. PDT, Mon or Thu usually, I got a few minutes. (he'll tell you about that too...lol)
    But know where the distraction and infighting originates.... don't let it do what they intend, brother. I got you. Tell lineman and the ladies organizing July's festivities that the diesel is up and noisy, the trans is almost ready, and you get the joy of listening to Grandpa in July. And brother lineman - Monday your phone rings, lol.
    stormfriend sends

    1. Thanks. They carry no weight in our world. Sometimes people run-off at their mouths just enough that I decide to give their uselessness a bit more of an audience. ;)

      Looking forward to spending time with you in July. We had a meeting about the PatCon this morning & afternoon, in fact. It is going to be another great event.


  2. the late Pastor Jerry Falwell, of Thos. Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, Va once said(paraphrased) that when issues arise, your enemies will not accept explanation and your friends don't need one.

    Carry on... let those who will do the same...

    Prepping Preacher Chaplain PSAIII


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