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Friday, April 17, 2015

Shoot, Move & Communicate

New poll at right - please take a sec and let us know where you stand on the necessity of CW for the North American Liberty Games.



  1. CW will be an essential component of the communications backbone.
    It requires less power than any other mode. It is readily amenable to use with OTPs. For a skilled operator, reliance on digital gadgetry to get the message through is nil.

    5 watts of CW will do everything 100 watts of SSB-voice will do, in terms of range. It is just as fast, and often faster. And 5 watts is a far smaller ground-signature for OPFor's RDF teams to work with...

    Keep your profile as small as possible.
    Get your message through.
    Get off the X. Fast.

    The limits of your survivability will be defined by the things you do not know.

    Just effin learn it.

  2. ...and if you *do* add some spicy gadgetry, then you can do CW (or FSK) as a burst at 100+ WPM, and add to that some really powerful Fourier-based signal enhancement that will give even 1~2 watts of transmitter power a useful range, even with field-expedient antennas deployed in a hasty fashion.
    But even without the fancy digital enhancements, I've worked portable over paths of 500+ miles, using <2 watts, into a length of wire tossed out my hotel room window. The whole station was powered with just a pair of RC Car batteries, which lasted several days without a recharge.

    Simplicity & compact size of equipment. Minimal power budget. Minimal setup time. Low profile. Speed of communication.

    Like I said -
    Keep your profile as small as possible. (both physical and signal energy)
    Get your message through.
    Get off the X. Fast.

    Oh, and by the way, these days you don't need a laptop to do the fancy signal processing to send and receive high-speed, low power data. You can do it from an Android Device, such as that 'smart phone' on your hip that is about to come off it's 2-year contract. Yes, there's some hacking involved - I'll let someone else speak to that portion - but it *is* being done.

    Waste not, want not.

    There are many wheels we are obliged not to waste time re-inventing when it comes to communications... CW/FSK is one of them.


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