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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Freddie Gray Arrest Report from Baltimore PD

Here's the link.



  1. So, Freddy got a *very unapproved* steel pipe to the back of his neck during transport, because he was "too rowdy" in the back of the paddy wagon.

    After being picked up for "papers" claiming he possessed and possibly sold an unapproved knife within the city limits of Baltimore.

    If you can't see the massive weight of tyranny in these statements of fact, then I can't help you...

    They will not go quietly,
    but we must make them go just the same.

    And if they will not go,
    then let the blood flow!

    No more waiting.
    No more of their bullshit.
    OPORDs are in effect.

  2. Wonder if he ran because he knew he'd "catch a case" because of the knife, or just because "it's the police".

    Neither of those circumstances are of "death penalty" level...but what do I know.

    He "had" a knife, and he supposedly ran from the PoPo.

    Hypothetical question. If he knew he'd have a severed spine and die, do you think he may have tried to use that knife? Or, was it "just a knife" like a lot of people carry as tools?


  3. I think anyone who has any contact with LEO today needs to accept the possibility that a broken neck is more than a remote, unjustified fear.

    When the Gestapo showed up, one never knew if they would merely be questioned, sent to a camp, or shot at the edge of a ditch.

    I would contend we are at that stage now in America - especially if you are a Liberty advocate.


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