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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Maryland Guard recently rec'd Riot Control Training w/LEO

Many of the Guardsmen are trained for a situation just like the one in Maryland. 

It's called "civil unrest training," and it was recently completed in Tennessee with a local police department. 

Troops have also trained in Maryland and Colorado. 

"It really helped put it into perspective the person we are going to be up against - the rioter, the unruly person," said one National Guard official.

The training includes gas mask training and practice with shields and batons. 

"If we have to use it in the outside world... we are ready for any task possible," said another National Guard official. 

Troops plan to remain in Baltimore to help until order in the city returns, or until Maryland is no longer under a "state of emergency."  - [Emphasis added - K]

Here's the piece.

Note that the Guard member emphasized above seemingly has no problem putting his skills to work wherever he is told.  

If you are a suspicious type, you might just think the riots in Baltimore were deliberately stoked (not necessarily started, but goosed) as a means of testing the training of the Maryland Guard.

But, that's just conspiracy-thinking, right there.

Move along, Citizen - before the Guard gives you a fresh thump on your noggin.


1 comment:

  1. This has the stink of something well beyond coincidence to it.
    With all the "exercises" and "training" which have been executed in and around American cities over the past 3 years, it is plain that they *are* prepping their forces for exactly this mission.

    Once this insanity gets into the water in NYC/NNJ, or Chicago, or Atlanta, or Memphis, or a any of a dozen other cities, it will be impossible to quell, just as it's going to be impossible to quell in Baltimore and Ferguson. It will just simmer on, with occasional outbreaks of violent hordes in the streets... giving TPTB all the excuse they need to roll in the heavy gear and the riot-control troops.

    Fundamental Transformation get it's face, right here, folks.

    This is what it looks like. Soon, we will have our own Tiananmen Square moment. It will surpass Kent State. And it will not be a single occurrence, but an ongoing chain of events...



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