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Monday, April 20, 2015


Mary Emerick, a spokeswoman for the Josephine County Oath Keepers, has been fielding phone calls from interested volunteers from all over the country. At least one activist was turned away from the property because he had outstanding issues with law enforcement, Emerick told TPM in a phone interview.

"I am aware that people are just literally getting in their cars," she said. "However, we also know that some of those people are on sort of a list and are not going to be welcomed at the camp."

"We are very careful about who we let in to this staging area," Emerick added. "This is not some kind of field festival or a standoff with the BLM. We are just helping to protect rights."

Emerick declined to reveal just how many activists were protecting the land, citing safety concerns. She did offer that there was round-the-clock security at the mine itself and that the activists were armed.

As for the people comparing her group's effort to the Bundy Ranch standoff, Emerick said that was "pure speculation."

Barclay, the Sugar Pine Mine co-owner, was so taken aback by the outsized response from activists that he told a local newspaper, The Mail Tribune, that the operation was becoming a "circus."















End of story.  Go to Oregon if you wish.  The mine owners and BLM have both told you nothing is happening.  So if you go, just accept that you are being used for their PR machine.  




  1. This is why I kept searching for anything (anyone) who could
    answer the origin of the supposed “report” by Anthony Bosworth
    (LFA III %, Washington state), and specifically who authorized him to issue statements and tactical reports on behalf of an organization
    he is not a member of (in a different state than him), and of which no mention was made on the Josephine county ok website or the national ok website.
    After reading this posting, the matter now makes crystalline
    sense to me, and it is most certainly connected to mikey v and stewie
    and their working relationship.
    Moreover, it explains the statement he made on March 26 (this year), regarding LFA III%'s ongoing armed disobedience protests, that he is "a leader in the national a leader in the national We Will Not Coply movement.
    Both mikey and Bosworth were working in connection (upon scheming orders from stewie) to discourage non-oathkeepers from arriving on site and in sizable numbers.
    Without question, that have thrown a most troublesome monkey into the shady, shameless and scamming con-artist that is stewie.
    Lest we forget, mikey v was the source of the Bosworth "report" that almost no other sites posted and very few commented on.

    1. I was going to comment about your concerns that you posted everywhere about Bosworth's statement and how you were ignored or maligned.

      How is it that LFA was doing statements for JoCo ok? And now we know, it's this whole incestual thing between Mikey, LFA and Stewie.

      And who the fuck appointed someone a "leader" of the WNC movement? I sure as fuck didn't vote for anybody to speak for me!

      Shady dealings. If you are not part of the little clique they have going, don't bother. They got it.


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