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Monday, April 20, 2015

More on the Wisconsin Lawfare attacks - from National Review

"Don’t call your lawyer. Don’t tell anyone about this raid. Not even your mother, your father, or your closest friends."


Yet no one in this family was a “perp.” Instead, like Cindy, they were American citizens guilty of nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights to support Act 10 and other conservative causes in Wisconsin. Sitting there shocked and terrified, this citizen — who is still too intimidated to speak on the record — kept thinking, “Is this America?”



LEO as thugs for politicians who did not like the politics of the Target.

Folks, you can condemn the politicians who issued the orders.  This is approproiate.  But if you justify allowing the LEO who came to this family's home under any circumstance, especially "They were following lawful orders of the..." - then you need to go away from this website and never return.

Architects don't build houses - carpenters and masons execute the plans.

No carpenters and masons - no house.

There is no crying in baseball, and you won't hear any from me.  I know who the bad guys are...

...all of them.

Unfortunately, we do not have only one Mischa.  And our Mischa's have far more advanced and effective tools.

Sideways.  With a chain saw.  Here's the piece.



  1. Hello Sam,

    No article I can find mentions which flavor of LEO provided the muscle for this. I do know the county sheriff is David Clarke, supposedly a great voice for freedom, and this happened under his nose. I wonder if his deputies held the rams since it's often county types tapped for these activities - at least around here.


    1. I haven't been able to locate an ID either.

      To me, that telegraphs OpFor is upping their OpSec so that we mere Citizens can't identify the bad actors as easily, thus deliver a Night Letter or other such deterrent.



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