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Friday, April 10, 2015

How we got to this pathetic place...

Perspective from one of the sharpest minds in America, having lived long enough to have witnessed it with his own eyes.  Link to the full piece is below.

America has gone over to the revolution.

Looking back, the sweep of the capitulation becomes stark.

First came the plea of atheists not to have their children forced to participate in prayers at school. Fair enough. Americans do not believe in compelling people to do as they disbelieve.

Then followed the demand that no child be exposed to prayers or religious books, including the Bible, nor have any day or week set aside as a holiday if connected to Christianity.

Out went Christmas and Easter. In came winter break and spring break. Coaches of high school teams were ordered to dispense with prayers before games. The coaches complied.

No matter what the majority wanted, the minority prevailed, thanks to a Supreme Court whose dictates were never challenged by democratically elected presidents or Congresses, nor ever defied by a Christian majority.

In the sexual revolution there came first the plea that abortion in extreme cases be decriminalized, then legalized, then subsidized, then declared a right. From crime to constitutional right in two decades!

Under Obamacare, Christian businesses must dispense abortion-inducing morning-after pills to employees.

On gay rights, first came the demand that a bar in Greenwich Village patronized by homosexuals be left alone by the cops.

Next came the demand that homosexuality be decriminalized and then that this, too, be declared a constitutional right. And so it went.

Soon, same-sex marriages will likely be declared a right hidden in the Constitution and entitled to all the privileges and benefits accorded traditional marriages. Next, those who refuse to provide services to same-sex weddings will become the criminals.

Thus does biblical truth become bigotry in Obama’s America.

And the process has been steadily proceeding for generations.

Read the rest, here.



  1. Unfortunately, I don't need Pat to tell me. I'm old enough to have seen it with my own eyes. That which he is writing about and more.

    As bad as it is, I know there's nothing that can''t be restored. Some people are gonna need to be severely beaten about the head and shoulders, but all of it can be restored.

    I have just one fear though. I fear that the war may not start before the last nail is driven into the coffin lid. Something that becomes more possible every day.

    If that does prove to be the case, I suppose my advanced age will be a blessing. I'll have to deal with that for a much shorter time.

  2. I got a couple of issues with this. First I do think that business should not have to cater to homosexuals if they don't want to but that is based on my belief that a business should be considered private property and should not have to serve anyone they don't want to for any reason. But I don't believe Christianity should rule either. Just because people are gay does not mean they should not be able to do Anything straight people do. Like getting the tax break from being married. Govt shouldn't regulate marriage anyway. You can't truly support freedom and think there should be advantage to being in committed straight relationship vs a committed gay relationship. You have to be able to take your personal religious views out of it to truly support freedom if you can't do that then you don't support freedom

    1. That's one way to look at it I suppose. While the Constitution is in need of restoration, so is the founding culture that gave birth to it. No one need have their "rightful liberty" infringed but certain mores, traditions, and religions do need to be respected.

    2. I agree that certain traditions and religions should be respected. People's beliefs in general should be as long as they are not forcing them on others. I'm not religious and don't identify with any religion but also don't put them down just because I don't agree with them. I simply think that same courtesy should be extended to the beliefs of others as well. The one problem I find in this movement is a large majority of people I hear seem to look down on people that subscribe to non Christian views. I can believe in rightful liberty and freedom and not believe in god honestly I think it's easier to support true freedom without it. There is still a lot of common ground. I still believe abortion is murder because it is the taking of a human life. pepole are pronounced dead when they have no pulse so if the you kill something with a heartbeat you are taking a life. I come to the conclusion via a different route. The logic that it is dependent on the mother so it is her choice is ridiculous because my 4 year old is dependent on me. He can't survive on his own much more than an unborn baby. Using that logic you should be able to abort a kid anytime before they are self sufficient which is crazy is shit. (The bad thing is some people are that crazy I heard a few years ago a couple of Australian doctors wrote a paper supporting post birth abortion)

      Basically if we all just mind are own business we should be able to coexist just fine. The problems arise when we try to push our views on others when the others actions harm no one.


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