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Friday, April 10, 2015


Just look around.  Let's end this nonsense!

There is a way to honor April 19th short of firing your musket on the Green.

Whether you remember Waco, participate in NPFD, go to the shooting range, go to the dojo, take your kid(s) to anyplace that commemorates the long and eternal struggle for Liberty in America - do something, anything, that speaks of Liberty.  You don't have to give a Red a beat-down (though I am not against such a national holiday), you can do damage to the Red Agenda simply by taking a day and dedicating at least a portion of it to expanding Liberty.

Mullenax & Company are going to work in South Florida.  They are combining with the Liberty Team in Georgia, and other Teams across the country.

Do not ever under-estimate the value of Liberty chatter that finds its way to the ear holes of Red fucks.  And remember the power of the Unknowns.  What "They" don't know (and can't control) drives them batshit nucking futs.  Make April 19 a day for increasing the level of batshit nucking futs in Red land.

Here's the link at Pete's place.



  1. We ought to produce so much traffic in the week running up to April 19th that the cooling towers at the NSA data center overheat.
    Whether it's a CPX or FTX Foxtrot, or putting every darned secret-squirrel on a keyboard all at once; the vapours from all that traffic should be smelt, even unto the 'halls of power'.

  2. Why such an emphasis on April 17, 18, 19, but no
    mention and emphasis of the importance of April 12th?

    1. Because we can only do so much with the time frames and week-end dates that we can. For the record, I think the most important date with regard to the Revolution is October 7th. Almost nobody knows what happened on that date.So what's your point? Oh, and April 17th and 18th have no significance other than rallying the folks and training them for the April 19th event.

  3. CPX Black Swan, is in effect in meatspace. Just ask everyone, "Where will you be on Patriot's Day"?

  4. 'So what's your point?'
    Again, my question is based on
    the widespread lack of discussion
    about the significance of April 12th.
    Without question, it was (and is ) of greater
    importance of our Republic's history 130 years
    before the April tragedies of the mid-90's.
    That is my point.
    You did not read any personal attacks in my
    previous post, or criticisms of tactics and strategy.
    All you read in my previous was an concise and honest


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