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Friday, April 10, 2015

Symbols & Rhetoric III

I often link or write about Communism/Socialism/Red topics.  I've stated many times that Red is the proper umbrella for all the various flavors of such tyranny.  Yet, if I happen to post about Red behavior in China, for instance, and I use an American flag with a sickle & hammer, I am always surprised how many comments and emails I get from puzzled people wondering what I mean by using a Soviet symbol when talking about Mao's Morons.

It's all Red, folks.  The details don't matter as to whether it is Moscow or Beijing or Caracas or Havana.

So, I took a few minutes and built the above flag.  I hope the red field and yellow stars convey my intent - Red America, all 57 States.

Why didn't I add any green stripes to represent Mo's Morons as a threat we all face?  Because Mo's Morons are exactly that - an insignificant tool being used by Reds (foreign and domestic) to advance the Red cause.  Washington, Moscow, London, Paris, Jerusalem - any one of those cities could set Islam back 1,000 years - at will - taking them off the game board.  Islam simply doesn't earn a place at the table of Existential Threats to Liberty in America.

Red earns that place.  And I hope you all are wearing clear glasses, because almost everyone you meet is more Red than Liberty Blue.  Accept that sad reality, then maybe we can get somewhere.

Bloggers - feel free to grab the image.  Artist guys - feel free to make it better.  ;)


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