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Thursday, April 30, 2015

IRS May Be Trying to Stop Tax Exemption of Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS

Why does this matter?

We already know the IRS is being used as a weapon against we untouchables (the Indian sort, not the Chicago sort) - the Lerner episode proved that to everyone.

This matters because Karl Rove is no average citizen starting a Tea Party office in East Butt Pimple, Flyover USA.  Like him or not, Karl Rove is about as heavyweight as it gets in American politics.

Every agency and branch in the Federal Government is now openly partisan, dismissive of all 'optics', and hunting political enemies with the threat of violence and force of law.

Item One: That the Enemies of Liberty (D and R and corporate, et al) are using the bureaucracies and branches as weapons.

Item Two: Not one agency is refusing to do the dirty work of enforcing these acts.

You will note that the Maryland National Guard stepped in to do violence when they were told.  You will also note that Baltimore PD stood down from doing violence when they were told.  The only conclusion an adult can reach is that those who take the King's shilling will do as the King commands.

If your IFF targeting matrix has not sharpened over the last week, you aren't paying attention, or you aren't planning to engage, anyway.


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