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Thursday, April 30, 2015


Every time I see lines of Riot LEO like this, I wait for the report that three or four guys at the front of the protester line opened their coats and started sweeping knees-to-boots with chatterboxes, one in each hand.

It is going to happen.  It will happen in these Liberty Games.  I'll bet you a nickel.

What - you think dangerous Right-Wing types
are the only folks who know how to make one of these things sing?


  1. "I swear to you I will get very choked up. Honestly, there could tears."

  2. K, how many times you gonna set me up to use the word, "Inevitable".

    Funny that you posted a picture of an Intratec Tech-9... Intratec was run out of business by the Clinton AWB, so anyone who has a remaining Tech-9 has a real collectable - no sane individual would give such an investment up for a single night of partying.

    But since ATF seized many, many of them in drug raids, it *is* perfectly plausible that they might source a few 'singers' to a selected asset just for the purpose. Because what do they care about collectability, except for creating an excuse to collect all our guns?!?

    And of course, the Power-Looped video of cops being mowed down, relentlessly played at every moment on every damned MSM channel, will cause a massive, dung-curdling shreik amongst the sheep... the kind they wanted to hear after Sandy Hook but didn't quite achieve.

    You know, the bleating shreik that begs - take our money, take our rights, take anything you want; just make it all STOP!!!


  3. Remember DC? I just had an extra step. I had to drag that slightly plump female into our lines, boot stomp her and relieve her of her Glock 17 and mags. I suspect I would have been taken out by a sniper in short order. But while I would have been kissing Satan's right cheek, that bitch would have been kissing his left.


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