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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sugar Pine Update: That didn't take long...

2:13 PM CST     The Oath Keepers at the mine in Oregon have transmitted a distress code.

3: 01 PM CST UPDATE from source: Unconfirmed report is that there was an attempted breach at the mine. BLM enforcement teams had been spotted surveying the site yesterday. Possibly secure. Waiting for confirmation from site commanders. One is an hour out from the mine, and they’re having trouble reaching their “man on station.”

3:20 PM CST “Last word from Joseph was that they are still doing a sweep to ensure that they are clear. No details yet on the breach. I don’t want to speculate. Teams are scrambling in the NW to get on-site and beef up the security presence.”

3:28PM STAND DOWN REPORTED: It appears that an aircraft touched down inside the perimeter, and took back off. Incursion was suspected, but it has been determined that it was a civilian bird doing touchdown practice at the wrong place and the wrong time. Site is secure.




  1. Where did Tactical Shit get this report from? JoCo OK's, Mikey, Hoss USMC and LFA have nothing on any of their sites.
    Nervous amateurs make for bad intel.

  2. "Many people did not like the way we put out this information. They expect us to handle it like traditional media and wait for full verification of events. We do not operate that way. We are more like a Police Scanner. If something is jumping off, we go live. If it fizzles out, we quickly admit it was nothing and move on to the next thing. Hey look, a squirrel!"

    NOT FUNNY! This is a very dangerous game these idiots are playing. These are the same guys that were passing intel of questionable origins during the Ferguson days even though they are in the St. Louis area and should have verified before posting it.


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