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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Sugar Pine Distress Call...

The blog at Tactical Shit is reporting OathKeepers and BLM 'Enforcement Teams' have made some sort of contact at the Sugar Pine mine.  They also report that the OKs have issued a "Distress Code".

We shall see how this plays out.  I, personally, will be watching from here.

Way too much about the entire Sugar Pine gig screams "Orchestrated Bullshit" to me.  I reached out for confirmation of the "Surveillance Team/Private Contractor" reports beginning early yesterday.  Crickets.

I will not be surprised if there is shooting.  I will not be surprised if there is escalation.  I will NOT believe this is an organic event.  Bad People are playing games with this one, and there are agendas not yet revealed.  I am no conspiracy guy - but I do not, for one second, think it is impossible for upper echelons of OK to be in bed with more obvious Enemies of Liberty on this one.

The Liberty Movement needs a black eye, from the perspective of our Red Enemies.  A Patriot smack-down that results in a win for BLM would be a powerful recruiting tool for less-than-serious "Patriot" groups, all the way to NRA.

I'm not buying it.  Whenever possible, fight on your terms.  You will NOT find favorable terms at this gig.  Too many people with questionable motives have had way too much time to lay the ground on this one, with almost ZERO reliable intel coming from inside.  Now there is a sudden "Distress Call" so Patriots will have a "Fools rush in" moment.

Bad stuff, man.

Here's the link.



  1. It's a Loose/Loose proposition: always something to consider suspicious -

    It's a loose if IIIfor rush in to assist and anything ugly goes down. We get the blame, and opfor gets the mine, seized for "terrorist activities".

    It's also a loose if IIIfor "abandons" them and does nothing, at least as PR goes, and you can be sure that they will spin it exactly that way, that we "abandoned our brothers" or some such crap.

    Stewie is either an idiot, or complicit; and I'm not sure which is worse...

  2. No, Patriots had a ready moment,and stood down when they understood what happened. But a"Patriot smack down"would be a very bad thing because it would serve to inflame. But maybe that would be the idea.


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