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Thursday, April 30, 2015

I am amused when Civilian Authority turns on their Attack Dogs

Baltimore LEO won't be responding quickly to any 911 she may issue from home.

Under the bus they go, for the bigger Red Mission.

Note to all Useful Idiots who think you are going to be part of the Post-Game celebrations: You are wrong.


Twitchy, here.



  1. "Lap Dogs", "Attack Dogs"...

    My dogs take umbrage at the casual association.
    They are both smart and loyal - two attributes utterly foreign to the commie hordes...

  2. There's no honor among thieves,
    and no loyalty among the broken-hearted.
    So what would you expect
    from this scurvy bunch of looters?

    From communists I expect only thievery, corruption, murder, and mayhem.
    I have yet to be disappointed...


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